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  1. Hi i can’t get into new system, I’ve asked for password reminder to be sent, but haven’t had e mail through? have posted on an old link instead??
  2. From a Northampton review on their site off a Bratfurd fan from last season... "What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the Sixfields Stadium? I'm not very keen on these out of town stadiums. My only lasting impression of Northampton's ground is if you ever played them on the last day of the season and needed three points to win the title and only got 1000 tickets 8000 could still stand outside for free and see three quarters of the pitch!" Tailor made review for us that!!
  3. As an established yet reappearing member of this wonderful forum, I'm glad to announce I've ordered mine!!! Hashtag Briefs is back...
  4. Fane has been fantastic of late, Gardner and Byrne are as good as we've had for many a year. Fane allows that to happen, Wellens has given them all a new lease of life and Fane is benefitting hugely. If you can't see that, it's representative of your knowledge not his!! Long live Fane!!
  5. Welcome back Futchersbriefs... That was awful today, not going to be too technical, but Sheridan changed his shape and side against the wrong team. Players in wrong position a plenty and too many players looking up to others who aren't up to it - worrying signs early on. A good manager would see it is wrong, change it and be brave, I worry that Shez is too stubborn to do that! Lots of players with shoulders and heads down so early on in the season - it was crap!
  6. My username is a memory to the great Ron Futcher, so a likkle bit more respect please fellow owtbers
  7. I'm not convinced that being able to 'carry the ball forward' once every 20 minutes are the right ingredients to get us out of this mess, Winchester doesn't looked to have improved his application or desire since first breaking through, for me he's not good enough in this predicament. Cassidy and Murphy gave us nowt first half, lost their first 12 headers between them and when we finally got the ball into them, it pinged off their boot or shin. I thought the back 3 played well considering new formation, wing backs were lacking - no surprise as they're not wing backs. Coleman dealt with most t
  8. Tough times call for resilience and tough characters. On and off the pitch this is needed, those ON the pitch will be found out and those OFF the pitch likewise. If you think abusing your players, manager and board is the way forward, then get off the bus. Support is dwindling, but you're not support. Those players not up for the job likewise. I'm not going at the minute as I put my resilience into a local amateur football team, but my team don't deserve kegged up buffoons making things worse!
  9. Tactics and performances like that at home will finally see us get out of this division! Square pegs in round holes, Rasulo, B Wilson, Philliskirk, Poleon, side far too narrow and any side setting up 'not to lose' inevitably will deserve to lose!
  10. Not all obviously, but some yes!!An almost unwelcoming, negative tone to a number of questions that does nobody any good in the end.
  11. Not pretending!! and if I was technically capable would go back to the various debates and requote where I did state that he had the attributes to go on and play at a higher level - How people could write off such a young, inexperienced player off at such an early stage was far more of a slight on them than my judgement of potential and attributes. So yes, I did say he would go on and do well! As you were....
  12. So 63% wish him to be gone in 4 games latest? You can go to all of the games you like, but you are far from supporting the club!! No patience, No idea, No more posts for a while again!
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