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  1. Horible thought......points deduction if WALKER plays when Bilboe is on bench....does any one know the rules re emergency loans?
  2. finding it hard to follow the thread here but is he saying .....4 tickets but only getting a benefit to watch ifollow on 1 'cos can't watch it 4 times in same household? If this is the case , is not some recompense due?
  3. Brinkmanship by AL....money into club now or relegation then.
  4. when would points deduction fr admin be applied?
  5. According to BBC we have committed 2 fos and had 2 booked!!
  6. Now be a good chap.....take your medicne and lie down.
  7. don't think he has started any yet....have another look.
  8. Prefer that to be a statement rather than a question.
  9. incite.....to stir ,encourage or spur on .....own goals Bob and Latcs Pete.....the word has both positive and negatve meaning.
  10. Good to see u back posting Diego.....missed your comments and incites.
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