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  1. Now be a good chap.....take your medicne and lie down.
  2. don't think he has started any yet....have another look.
  3. Prefer that to be a statement rather than a question.
  4. incite.....to stir ,encourage or spur on .....own goals Bob and Latcs Pete.....the word has both positive and negatve meaning.
  5. Good to see u back posting Diego.....missed your comments and incites.
  6. Can't believe he's selected this team....any idea's on who picked this team?
  7. Lems no money .....can't afford to sack him or pay a goalkeeper .
  8. Dave...I said they were all very very good.....do you agree.
  9. Dave Best,Kelly and Pogs all very very good.
  10. Decimal point in wrong place.....inthe link ....for 39mil read 3.9 mil.
  11. We 'd make a good pair you with the red hand and me with my green ,white and gold....Slainte
  12. Used to laugh about how immaculate his hair was from start to finish always blessed himself coming out too.
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