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  1. That stamp covers your pension and makes up the shortfall of every single benefit claimant in and out of our country, not much left! Once the TV licence has gone, they could use that spare money, no more excuses.
  2. The NHS has had money thrown at it left, right and centre but it's seriously outdated and no longer fit for purpose because the numbers it serves are 10 fold what they were and rising. High time, every person over the age of 16 made a monthly insurance payment, like you do on everything else you rely on Time to ante up and then you might be able to justify the investment you so crave.
  3. A long-term security yielding a fixed rate of interest, issued by a company and secured against assets.
  4. Ofcourse I wouldn't work if I wasn't getting paid, I was purely stating what it's come to and with the thought of last time the players did. It didn't end well did it?
  5. But will all this have affected the players state of mind? will they down tools in protest? What a bloody nightmare scenario and sickening to all concerned
  6. What the hell is going on??? If it were a dog they'd...............hang on
  7. Check out if it's the same the other way around?
  8. I know you can watch championship football for less than you pay into League two How can that be? no bloody wonder the crowds are going down.
  9. It was more than that when Rovers were in the premiership and how long ago are we talking? Bet you can't watch a top 4 side for less than 60 quid nowadays
  10. I was going to put 'Krankie' but thought it disrespectful Rangers went bust and had to climb off their arse through all the division's to get back to where they rightfully belong. Both 'Old Firm' club's would easily survive the Premier League because both would make damned sure they bought the calibre of player needed to make that happen. Crowds alone, would dictate their qualification.
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