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  1. By all means use this site to promote your content, I'll do what I can from our twitter account too. If you need anything give me a shout.
  2. Just a little note to say thanks for the ongoing support, we do try to keep this place going with the least intrusive ads - however the internet is run on ads, and even though we understand adblockers enhance the visual experience it doesn't help us much unfortunately. If you can donate, please do - if not, no problem - you are more than welcome to stay and be part of the community. All the best for 2021, and good health to you all.
  3. It's down as a 19:45 on the official, I'll keep checking.
  4. The Excursioner. Serial day-tripper and straw donkey connoisseur. Sherry tasting by day, flamenco shows by night.
  5. Step 3 and 4 leagues to be declared null and void, subject to engagement with clubs.
  6. I spoke to a colleague yesterday who was hoping that they wouldn't be selected for furlough again because they didn't want to stay at home alone.
  7. England and Wales dragged the Union out of it. Northern Ireland and Scotland as countries voted to stay in. Now Wales has followed Scotland trying for independence. I think the break up of the Union is inevitable, and where that stops is anyone's guess - Northumbria, anyone? English and Welsh exit, if that makes it sound any easier, but please - come on - let's not kid ourselves. I'm sure Johnson stuck to his pre EU referendum opinions. To be honest, I feel that changing opinions on something is a good thing (Ralph Waldo Emerson and all that) - it appears that you've reco
  8. Also consider the press tore strips off ministers for eating a bacon sandwich, drinking a can on a train, and lowering their head for only half an inch rather than the full head-on-chest bow at the Cenotaph.
  9. Snow forecast for Friday afternoon/evening, and will not get above zero on Saturday.
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