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  1. Honest question, why do you think that is?
  2. If only we (people and the collective media) could do the same when it comes to things like, oh I don't know - maybe the health secretary bunging his mates and his sister millions of our pounds?
  3. I agree, there are some that are clearly blagging a wage, or inflating their quality to get a payday - and there are those that are (or were in his case) really good at their job.
  4. The term 'Football Club' was removed from the United's team badge in 1998, sole reason was to appeal to international fans. Absolutely no doubt at all that the European Super League will become an international series competition. One problem being what will the competition look like? Who is going to buy PPV's for PSG vs Schalke who are at the bottom of the ESL and 15 points adrift? The competition can't be in a format we're accustomed to, it has to change to appeal. US market has no comprehension of relegation, I assume now it's something to do with budgeting for the next season -
  5. G Nev is saying what a group of football fans said in 2005, crazy thing is he said the opposite in 2005. At least he admits he was complicit, so there's that. Bit late though...
  6. It won't kill football because of your previous point. It's much bigger than these twelve teams, the money won't be - but the game is.
  7. Started in 1992, this is very much based on Premiership architecture.
  8. There has been so little news about it. /s There was something I saw on Friday; I think it was ITN - 'Theresa May, commenting on Prince Philip - she also has a husband called Philip...' I suppose there has been worse.
  9. Saturday the 17th isnt it? At 15:00? Have I missed something obvious? Why are you all laughing?
  10. https:/ /twitter.com/ColU_Official/status/1380197 47 src=twsrc%5https://www.cu-fc.com/news/2021/april/club-statement2/Etfw%7 Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1380197479287775241%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fpublish.twitter.com%2F%3Fquery%3Dhttps3A2F2Ftwitter.com2FColU_Official2Fstatus2F1380197479287775241widget%3DTweet
  11. I think I'm just really pessimistic about corporate or consortia ownership and assets being passed from one non-fan to another. Be careful what you wish for.
  12. Of course, I don't think we should be discussing a team operating above National level without a reasonably well-heeled benefactor. It's a choice, do you want to have a say in what happens to your club, or do you want to allow other people who aren't Latics fans to buy and sell bits of the club around you?
  13. Perhaps not at L2 or above. I guess it could be purchased as a Community Benefit Society through grants and community share schemes, then the running of the club would then be managed by the fans - it would up to them to set the playing budget for the coaching team. You'd be amazed how the fans would really appreciate every pound being saved or spent by the club.
  14. There is a cause, a reason - but there is no leadership to unify fan action. I agree with that. I must admit, it is a bit bewildering with different supporter groups and no unity - it's messy, and easy to play one off against the other. Little wonder the fans can't be bothered with it - why protest to remove the current incumbent if the prospect is fragmented supporter groups taking the helm.
  15. I understand your point of view - then we go back to what you said earlier which I agree with - the problem is with the fans for not having the stomach to take the job on. Let's face it, there is a job to be undertaken I think we can all agree on that. We could argue that, at least since 2003, it's been a fairly steady decline to where it is now - if the fans are happy with the odd cup run here and there, then fine.
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