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  1. Okay. It's not, It doesn't, and you don't. And I don't agree with wishing someone unwell.
  2. I see what you did there . I say Atheist, but they are more skeptical societies that anything else. Like Skeptics in the Pub, where - from time to time - they would invite guests and scientists to chat and present topics for discussion. They used to be called Science and Lit clubs I suppose, but they've evolved somewhat into events as big as conferences like the QED one in Manchester.
  3. I read it as, and I'm fairly certain this is how the Americans wanted it to be, Black Lives Matter as well as other lives - but that because a bit of a mouthful I guess It makes sense when you think about it as all lives do matter but perhaps at this time some need more help right now, there are plenty of analogies that help with this statement - one about the house fire springs to mind. Like most of these clubs you've mentioned, I assume these are founded as a social club to help the communities - Catholic clubs for example is understandable as it wasn't only dogs that were barred entry to certain establishments. So until we accept people as people and nothing else, we're stuck with groups supporting each other to help them through prejudice and discrimination - a refuge if you will. Some folk just don't want to accept other folk into their lives, and that's the problem. I like this: "...if you're neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." And there are Atheist clubs, believe it or not!
  4. Notice: rectified a problem where Guest accounts could post, not sure how this was switched on - but it's off now.
  5. I understand your point of view, and we do have to let go of our convictions sometimes to allow scrutiny, I think that's healthy in debate to move to a better position - however sometimes, like when discussion of prejudice and equality appears, there aren't two sides. There is the side of the prejudiced and how we can all make it better for them.
  6. I'm not sure I agree with this, Sealioning is hard to spot and I don't honestly think that goes on around here. We had one member who did do this, and it was so simperingly sickly sweet that it made it very easy to spot. Also, as you probably already know, debate with emotion through typed word on the internet is so difficult to convey - and an inferred situation can be misjudged very easlly.
  7. Please point it out and I'll look into it.
  8. If I'm correct, you will get no answer - and it's not because I've stifled the response either.
  9. Which hasn't happened. I'm watching this thread very carefully. In fact, as @TheBigDoghas already pointed out - there have been a couple of questions asking why, but no answers have been forthcoming, no debate has been closed down - and none will, unless it veers into nasty territory.
  10. "That was The Insular Chatgoup Memes withThe Ballad of Laurence Fox, probably played at the wrong speed. Anyway, here's The Wedding Present."
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