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  1. This country is a selfish mess, and recent events have made it more apparent.
  2. Yep, those are the guidelines. What the Government have failed to do is keep the pressure on, lead by example, reinforce these messages with positive leadership, and help reduce the transmission by introducing stupid guideline relaxation gimmicks like the 'get back to the office' and 'eat out to help out'. Pubs are still open? 10pm curfew? Crackers.
  3. I'm wearing a mask whenever I need to, and feel the need to, cleaning hands when I enter and leave public places, distancing 2m without mask, 1m with. From what I know, I guess these are the best ways for me to take as much personal responsibility to protect myself, my family and other people in the community. I'm also doing it because I have absolutely no trust in the Government to get it right.
  4. If it's funk, soul, downtempo and world folk, I'm your man.
  5. It wasn't, I initially thought it was and wasted time looking for it. It was a service change across all Invision Community sites. As I don't use any other Invision community boards, I woudn't have known. A new SSL was applied to all sites, you may notice that this site now has secure protocols (if you hover over the padlock next to the address).
  6. Yep, all sorted. Took longer than anticipated, but all done.
  7. If the BBC are getting up the noses of the left and right, it doesn't necessarily mean that the BBC is correct. The BBC has an existential problem in this era for sure, personally I think they should remove their rolling news coverage - to be fair, all rolling news is bad - but the BBC shouldn't play ball.
  8. I like the BBC too, I think it does a great job of offering a lot of different entertainment genres on the various platforms. It does seem to piss off a certain group of folk, and I have no idea why - however that's not why I like it. On Sky, they've just got rid of Charlie Nicholas - thought that was a move long overdue, the others were okay though - Phil Thompson was probably one of the best in my opinion. They've got a great new team on there now, and it's probably reinforced Sky Soccer Saturday's hold on the Saturday afternoon teleprinter crown. Elsewhere I could listen to Mica
  9. Yeah, I read that - but it looked like you were really angry about something so I just left it.
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