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  1. In the terms of this thread, or is there something else that you need to tell us. Freud would have a field day.
  2. Commercially smart and positive public relations. I suppose this can sound like a totally alien concept to most, people don't know how to react.
  3. I guess it shows Oldham fans haven't been looked after for some time.
  4. ...and the released commercial game will look nothing like the concept.
  5. @LaticsPete Thought you might like to see this feedback if you haven't already, well done mate.
  6. Option 2 assumes Bury would want to merge with Oldham, however I understand what @maximus1267is trying to say.
  7. Just heard this on Fabriclive.31 The Glimmers. Superb remix.
  8. Yeah, couldn't they be just a couple of Barrow lads looking for some easy pickings? I mean, nobody in their right mind would walk about looking like that this side of Preston.
  9. I think this is a good idea, similar things happen on Reddit subs - if the information can be collated I'm more than happy to keep it as a sticky.
  10. Ok smartypants! The reply functions acts in a similar way. @Barryowen was doing neither.
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