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  1. In the terms of this thread, or is there something else that you need to tell us. Freud would have a field day.
  2. Commercially smart and positive public relations. I suppose this can sound like a totally alien concept to most, people don't know how to react.
  3. I guess it shows Oldham fans haven't been looked after for some time.
  4. ...and the released commercial game will look nothing like the concept.
  5. @LaticsPete Thought you might like to see this feedback if you haven't already, well done mate.
  6. Option 2 assumes Bury would want to merge with Oldham, however I understand what @maximus1267is trying to say.
  7. Just heard this on Fabriclive.31 The Glimmers. Superb remix.
  8. Yeah, couldn't they be just a couple of Barrow lads looking for some easy pickings? I mean, nobody in their right mind would walk about looking like that this side of Preston.
  9. I think this is a good idea, similar things happen on Reddit subs - if the information can be collated I'm more than happy to keep it as a sticky.
  10. Ok smartypants! The reply functions acts in a similar way. @Barryowen was doing neither.
  11. Hi BP1960, not going to happen. I can't be sure what he's saying is correct - it could get us in a lot of hot water.
  12. He's clearly forgetting that he said that he would never visit this site again. He had a massive opportunity on here and we gave him plenty of room, but he decided to use it for his own purposes. There is nobody to blame but himself.
  13. Not moving towards the situation, but actually in it - for thirty years - and every year thereafer sees more obscene about of money being spent in the game to obtain success. However, the good news is that for every Fylde or South Shields there is a Enfleld or Fisher or a Dulwich or a FC United. We might not be able to stop silly money (or promises) being put into clubs by silly people every single time, but you know as well as I do that fans have been proofing their clubs against private or sole ownership for ages (in most cases straight after a disaster). Let the money clubs go about their business (or out of it - sorry, North Ferriby), because there is no point trying to play catch up - it isn't a level playing field. Just let them move on.
  14. I'm of the opinion that this should be happening, being removed from the ground forms part of the protest - with the assurances that under new ownership, any official exclusions are wiped.
  15. Matt

    Owtb app?

    Sorry just seen this, there is no app however it automatically switches between mobile device and desktop versions upon detecting your device within most browsers.
  16. Hidden due to unverfied claims, there was some personal attacks in there too - just too risky.
  17. Not that I - and by extension OWTB - have anything to defend, you are only seeing this situation from your own point of view, we have actually moderated in favour of you, and have tried to keep the discourse on point and relevant. To bring this full circle, this site will not respresent unconfirmed viewpoints and opinions from unverified members. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are free to speak as you wish - however you are not free from the consequences of that speech. Something (and not the only thing) that you have repeatedly failed to understand.
  18. ...and we'll jump on any sort of racism or antagonism through prejudice also.
  19. Oh I smirked, it was just at the point where I realised I've lost total control of this thread.
  20. Fuckssakes I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
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