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  1. I believe that no-one should spend that amount of time using burner/old email accounts to continually try to gain access to something. Especially when that sole reason is just being a bit of mildy inconvenient background noise. I'm sure there's a German word for it, I'm sure I've said that before. I guess there's probably a word for that too.
  2. Prediction League: https://owtbpredictionleague.azurewebsites.net/
  3. “Many of the initiatives that we launched as a direct result of Covid-19 were nowhere near our plans as we headed into 2020, however they proved to be our most impactful projects” - Martin Vose #FoodForThought was one of the biggest initiatives in 2020 and the project has continued into 2021. Across the year, the CT managed to create 404 player engagement activities across many events and platforms. #OACT 2020-impact-report-v2.pdf
  4. Shouldn't that be 'where it doesn't exist'? It most certainly does exist.
  5. I don't know how that works @mcfluff1985 , nor do I care. What I do care about is where this thread is sliding towards. Your premise was shaky@Roberts View, it's possibly derogatory at a stretch. I don't know whether he likes it or not, maybe he does - I can understand why sometimes people just let their nicknames ride because it's probably better than the alternatives. Personally, I wouldn't call it him that because I think it's daft. Anyway,whatever it is, it's not racist. Back to the football. Cheers. Edit: I was called Taff for fucking decades, s
  6. Prediction League: https://owtbpredictionleague.azurewebsites.net/
  7. Pete Wild has just masterminded a great comeback win for Halifax at Torquay.
  8. After a quick search it looks like pro midfielders (who cover more ground than any other player) can run on average about 11km per game.
  9. I have, but it's still all a bit in the air and still hasn't been peer reviewed. Although, in my opinion these things will be out of date by the end of spring and we'll need a load of new ones, with boosters every year as well. It'll be a thing, and we'll have to get used to it. When we get our flu boosters, we'll get one of these too. Somehow we've been led to believe that these things will be 96%, 98% or whatever effective all of the time straight from the get-go. Forget that, it ain't going to happen anytime soon. Let's even take this at value, if the SA Gov. have bought a load
  10. Okay - I'm not piling on, I'm just clearing the path a little so we can find a way out. I've read some of the links you've mentioned and they all say that these results are on a small scale, the trials are in the early stages, it's way too soon to make any definitive conclusions, and boosters will be probably needed anyway. None of them say "it's only 10% effective", which is exactly what was originally said, and is complete nonsense. You misread the initial post made by someone else, who probably misread in the first place - which is how these things start I guess. I mean, vodka i
  11. I think what @LightDN123is getting at is that by repeating the nonsense, you are echoing the nonsense. The trick is to filter it out.
  12. ://twitthttps://twitter.com/BBCRMsport/status/1362433406865399812?s=20er.com/BBCRMsport/status/1362433406865399812?s=2 https://twitter.com/BBCsdssssdsdsdscsc
  13. I played at Bacup Borough a couple of times in my youth, the pitch must have been placed in the trough of some local geographic feature. Either that or in a gravity well.
  14. ...and don't forget to add your predictions. https://owtbpredictionleague.azurewebsites.net/
  15. While we're on the subject of books, some of you might not be aware that OWTB is fortunate to host some of @LaticsPete football book reviews he writes over at http://www.programmemonthly.com/ They're worth reading, but don't clog up that thread - it's been painstakingly curated by Pete since 2014, ask him questions by all means - but I'd hate it as much as he would if it was taken off topic. They can be found here: Thanks.
  16. Thanks for sharing these articles with us Pete, it's very much appreciated.
  17. Superb wasn't it, by the third season was incredibly complex, looping around - I watched the first season twice, because I wanted to, I watched the other two seasons twice because I had to. Well worth the time (pardon the pun) investment.
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