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  1. Suppose if he was great at everything he wouldnt be playing in League 1 or 2 So he is only right footed, thats a 100 % improvement on some from last season.
  2. If Curle stays he may go for Hallam Hope, a big favourite of his according to some.
  3. We have to realise where we are league wise and as a club is totally dependant on the type of player we can or will attract as you all know. In our current shit position on and off the field, Pidge, DKD, Adams, Fage, Bahamboula and Whelan are all good enough with the right coaching and a more experienced group of players around them to build a team capable of having a decent season. A proper cente forward, a good experienced center midfielder and a center half who can defend properly to play with pidge are all a priority. Wont need a huge investment as we have a nucleus of decen
  4. I dont want to kill the club ive supported since 1976. Thats not at all what I said. ****Just edited this as thats what I did say, you are correct. What I meant was kill the ownership of the two clowns.
  5. There is only one way to protest. No bums on seats. Group gatherings and protests outside do nothing as there wont be the numbers to make an impact. They also become an excuse for the low lifes to use it as an excuse to cause trouble that has nothing to do with the cause. Just ends up being a joke. No home fans at all would kill the club, they couldnt maintain ownership that way. Follow the team away from home in large numbers, be vocal, have banners and flags all anti ALMO. Be loud and proud. They will go eventually, there is nothing surer. Ive been to
  6. After that interview I would be very surprised if he's stays. Sounds like he trust none of those players.
  7. The worst defence ive ever seen in oldham shirts Doesnt matter how many goals you can score if we constantly look like surrendering once the opposition gets in our in our final 3rd. I would only keep Pidge. Without that defence we'd be promoted and without that attack we'd be relegated.
  8. I agree, hopefully he just gets on with it and ignores them, he's good at ignoring people too lol..... I think he's our best chance of something changing since the insane sacking of Bunn.
  9. I work with a former premier league striker who knows KC...... Says he's a good manager and good at implimenting systems into teams and did a good job at a fellow league 2 club not too long ago without winning promotion. But he says KC is not a liked manager, says hes arrogant and not a very nice man, His words. For me i dont care if he is liked or not if he can get this club out of this league. Worry for me is if he will put up with the politics of our basket case.
  10. Adddd to the contracted players I think you could add Hilssner & Clarke if they want or are allowed to stay. Add another or two experienced centre mids. I would also add an experienced centre half to play with Pidge. What the twam does need is 2 centre forwards who can mix it and hold the ball up, aswell as scoring goals. Quigley at Barrow has caught my eye both times I've seen him. Im sure KC will know the types of forwards he needs. The jokers list is exactly that with the exception of Hilssner, I think its harsh puttong him alongside that group.
  11. For me this club / team needs to start learning how to NOT lose before we start thinking of winning. Foundations start by conceding few goals and being structured and disciplined. Once a manager installs this then other aspects come into play, midfielders and forwards who can keep the ball and not give up posession so easily. Its league two, were not going to get fantastic players at this level, but we could get clever pros who can win games and motivate each other. KC imo can install this ethic given the chance. Or we just keep going around in circles for another 25 year
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