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  1. The 92nd placed club getting battered by a premier league clubs second string is not all that shocking really, no matter what else is going on.
  2. No I can confirm Im not smoking crack marra...... That doesn't mean it can't work because of the Barra game, thats quite a silly assumption really.
  3. I agree re tacticts, I genuinely think he should play a conventional 442. They are not good enough for any other system.
  4. Not saying you are wrong because I'm losing the will to care tbh but do you think, just the mood lift of a new manager could see a change on the pitch ?
  5. Im not in the Curle out camp, only because I see no real point as things stand. But if he is sacked, we should all pray for Mo as next manager, wont ever happen tho.
  6. Perhaps the best scenario would be to sack Curle and put Mo as his replacement. Surely this would mean he is sacked not long after, maybe the best way to see him gone. If only.
  7. Can't make it today due to work but all the best to all of you. Your efforts are appreciated
  8. This 100% I / we know this is a poor set of players put in place by poor ownership.
  9. I genuinely believe we cant play any other system. We offer nother at all going forward as it is.
  10. 442 Leutwieler Fage jameson clarke adams Bam vaughen Bettache couto Luamba Pidge Aim for pidge, stop trying to play fancy footy at back. Play direct No abuse needed lol......
  11. Have to disagree with you here. Sometimes the even the smallest gesture can have a big effect. For AL to see the fans of Orient and their club make tickets available to us against the will of our club is a huge statement imo. They may be making money by having our fans there but I genuinely believe its a bit of karma, and hope there is more karma to hit AL and anyone else who has damaged our club through poor business, greed and nepotism.
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