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  1. Shocking that from the players through to the management, should be hangingbtheir heads in shame the lot of them. What has Tazdemir done to get a start, even Grant would look world class in comparison. Taking two of your best most creative players off was criminal. Dont normall get to irate by the shite thats served up but that was so so bad. With the play offs in reach you would expect better. Very dissapointing at times this club.
  2. Dont post much on here any more but that game has really got to me. I can only describe quite a few of those players ( losely put ) as THICK. if nobody in charge of that team cant see that the midfield is causing major problems, they offer nothing to the forwards and constantly give the ball away resulting in the very poor defence being over run. Only reason we have done so well away is because teams are more open and our forwards seem to do well breaking quickly. At home, well as i said THICK Sorry cant be more articulate than that, they dont deserve better grammer o
  3. Merry Christmas from West Cumbria. And heres to a better 2021 on and off the pitch. Take care and stay safe lads and lassies.
  4. Imagine this, Rivalry and epic league and cup games with with Leeds, City, Blackburn, United, Everton, Sheff Wed, Bolton, Arsenal, Villa and West Ham to name a few. Boundary Park packed to the rafters, great atmospheres, great away days, great players semi finals and a cup final. I am 48 and this does not seem that long ago to me although it is. I started going in the mid 70s with my Dad & Uncles etc and we were Div 1 ( Championshiop ), we had low crowds and we were just survivng season after season at that level. Then came the 80
  5. I couldn't put a verse together just now, lost for words
  6. Very sad to see, no skill, no desire, no fight, no threat & NO MORE EXCUSES RUBBISH from the top down
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