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  1. And wins today. Give him time, he’ll deliver. Chesterfield 28/1 to be promoted. They won’t be far off.
  2. Chesterfield won today 1-0. Mon the Shez. 80/1 for the league. Might be a little far fetched. 33/1 for promotion though. Best squad in the league. 9 games in. Shez will get it right. There’ll be there or there abouts. 33/1 is a fucking insult of a price.
  3. Just to confirm minutes, games and goals this season Scott Wilson - 6 games - 0 goals - 333 minutes Urko Vera - 4 games - 1 goal - 122 minutes Segbe Azankpo - 6 games - 0 goals - 333 minutes
  4. What? Half the posts on there state he won't be missed, why the f*ck are we signing someone who won't be a loss to Crawley fucking Town.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49555676 Didn't say he'd signed elsewhere but that's another one we've missed out on.
  6. Graham Dorrans would be a top quality signing if we can get him.
  7. In this league, they're experienced strikers who've played at a MUCH higher level. Given the quality of Eagles on the wing, given the right tactics and management, yes they could have got 30 between them in all competitions easily.
  8. Chris Le'Godray has left. Shame would love to have seen him and Vera given a chance. Two intelligent front men, could have got 30 between them given the chance.
  9. I'm just confused to who at the club has sat down and thought we should sign those two players today .... surely it's not Banide, even AL and ML, what makes that think FM is the solution to our problems?!
  10. A 33 year old winger who isn't very good and not wanted by a side in our league. Why the f*ck do we want him. It's hardly a promotion winning signing, just like the other 632 we've made haven't.
  11. Oldham Athletic are delighted to announce the return of midfielder Filipe Morais on a season-long deal. Why are we 'delighted' to announce this .... jesus.
  12. Another garbage signing. 100% increase in budget .... still waiting .... DTTT
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