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  1. It's progress and a statement regardless of the opposition. Who was in charge of the game?
  2. Another thing, why does it take us about 10 mins to get into the game - we could have been 3 down (at least) in most games we've played this season? I made this point after our last home game with Shrewsbury.
  3. The most natural finisher? 'Maybe? But I'm sure a natural finisher wouldn't watch a ball roll across the line not throw the ball like a hot potato in the box. Maybe that's a goal poacher? I dunno
  4. One negative for me was Forte and Phili both backed out of 50/50's on a few occasions. Not something I want to see in a derby. Anyone else know why Philli didn't shoot too in the box and like a hot potato he threw it right badly to whoever passed to him?! Ps what the :censored: was that wall about in first half? Wilson and burn marking no one and all our smallest players making up the wall!!
  5. We should have won - no 2 ways about it. James Wilson was excellent but it does concern me that he was the only one brave enough to go beyond Forte on that counter attack. Dieng was outstanding and easily our MOTM. Croft and Dunn were much better. Forte lead the line well but he and Philli both twice watched 2 balls roll across the line which tells me neither are strikers and both lack some aggression. Brown got to the byline well and beyond his winger often which was good to see but Mr Joe Mills needs to improve. I know he has an assist today but he barely passed the half way line and is
  6. Bury, as we know have conceded lots of goals so I think we should look to exploit this as much as possible and go with as much as an attacking line up as we can: Coleman Dieng Burn Wilson Brown Kelly Jones Dunn Poleon Forte Turner Cornell Edmondson Winchester Philli Murphy Croft Yeats
  7. Only 4 games in and you have to admit we look all over the place. Needs sorting or we will start conceding!
  8. we look effing clueless defending them and how we haven't conceded from a corner yet is beyond me!!! This needs sorting ASAP
  9. both played their first minutes of the season last night and by all accounts both played well. Could both start Saturday if Kelly and Phillskirk are injured?
  10. If Poleon would have missed the chances that Croft has done in the past 2 games then some people would be wanting blood! But it's that old mentality because some people believe Croft works hard then it's ok.
  11. Him and brown looked more of a threat than he and Wilson. Think is was Brown who got our first shot away in first half after linking up with Croft
  12. It was scrappy and we will take it. I don't think we are difficult to beat though... Yet
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