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  1. It didn't help matters when he blocked anyone who dared to remotely contest his opinions, which isn't half ironic given the paper he sold his soul to work for. I know, his political belief's may not match the papers but there must be other ways a talented scribe can earn an honest salary rather than from that fascist rag.
  2. When you only sign them on 6-12 month contracts then you're not likely to make much of a profit when the time comes to cash in. They seem to have this theory of uncovering a few rough gems in the Edmundson mould but clubs know the short contracts serve to become our undoing when it's time to negotiate. Totally understand in the current climate the lack of wanting to tie many down to lengthy deals, especially if a bad injury to one becomes a burden but it has been clear to see early on who we ought to be building teams around.
  3. Things I took: Badge: Can he not see that you can take the current 125 years badge and simply replace the 125 with Oldham Athletic AFC. Result: Everyone's happy. I really don't know why he's deciding to overcomplicate this. Wheater: It's time to move on. Club have behaved like twats. Wheater's probably not helped his case prodding the fires on social media. He isn't going to play for us, that much is clear. IMO it's an own goal by the club for being overly stubborn. Karl: Hmmm. You really had to crowbar some self-admissions out of him, didn't you @Dublinoaf
  4. God that was a good watch. Was it Chris Armstrong who put the left wing cross in for our third goal? That was such a great ball.
  5. If we can stop or even stymie conceding goals, we may not be far off a top half side. A McCann and Wheater type in and we'd go further.
  6. David Eyres rifled in a beauty at home to league leaders Brighton around the 2001-02 season at the Chaddy end. Same game Bobby Zamora for sent off for a petulant kick. I loved Shez's. They were always artfully despatched, never pinged. Knew exactly where the postage stamp was. One of my favourites was at home to Bristol Rovers, possibly that season where we stayed up on the final day at home to Reading. So important as it turned out to be decisive when we were getting desperate. Around March I'd virtually given up despite that win at Citeh in the middle of a wretched run of two mon
  7. It's very difficult to comprehend how as soon as Bunn and Banide hit a little sticky patch they pulled the trigger, they sacked Dino when he'd done a reasonable (albeit underwhelming) job yet Kewell presides over the most anaemic rudderless shitshows for half a season and he gets a fair crack. Baffling really.
  8. He arrived a few weeks ago. Full of promise, "I've got thick skin me" and "Just watch this space" bollocks. He's now accused someone who can see through his thin veneer of total bollocks of 'being a delicate flower' before promptly whipping himself off Twitter in a huff because a Bury supporter threatened* his family. Irony, huh. * I don't condone this, but fuck off with taking your bat and ball home over it.
  9. Dead O'Goner joins the long list of light entertainers that 2020 has taken. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54950051
  10. On another note. Found it amusing our esteemed CEO was all over Twitter with quotes such as "I've got thick skin, me" and "You don't get far in football if you can't accept criticism". He takes a couple of days off grid before returning with snarky comments after one of our social media cranks brushed a raw nerve. https://twitter.com/KarlEvans1999/status/1323298264792420352?s=20
  11. How can they take the Maarms account down? What rules have they broken?
  12. Never Say Never (beat your fucking wife up) Again.
  13. I think I had Nobby Stiles as a pick for the last three seasons running, before omitting him for this season. Even I couldn't kill him off. Well done Nobby! A right old 4-5 year tussle with Alzheimer's, battling hard until the end. Chalk up points for @cheshireblue @Stevie_J @stevesidg and @SAV. Some of you had him as skipper.
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