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  1. It's disappointing that the opening poster wasn't greeted with a tumbleweed. Take this peanut-hugging chat somewhere else, Ringo.
  2. I've not seen this on Twitter @maddog. But I'm numb to the continued patience pleas as I'm sure you and most others are too. Fuck that, there are plenty of quick wins he can get in quickly to start the ball rolling.
  3. Good feeback in general Chaddy. However massive red flag for me where I've highlighted in bold. 'Allowed onto the working group?' He's the club's CEO for fucks sake. He shouldn't be just allowed, he should be taking the lead on it. He's fairly driven in his views on how he expects to operate so I do hope that he walks the walk rather than just talking the talk.
  4. I'd managed to catch up with some of the 'BP Alert System' Podcasts this week, one of which was the interview with Karl. He comes across OK, you get his enthusiasm for footy but hitting back with a load of hypothetical whataboutism bollocks as an answer to a perfectly valid question stuck in my craw a lot. Supporters have been treated appallingly for long enough without having to put up with that patronising bollocks. He's playing the "just give us another chance" card a bit too much as well. Mate, we've the worst record of the entire football league when it comes to success-starve
  5. Tell you what, I just couldn't help being slightly overwhelmed by envy reading this interview with Robbie Savage about the new takeover by a local businessman at Macclesfield Town. Sure, it's all plans and "in the pipeline" at the moment but with a slate wiped clean and building blocks for a sustainable future put in place with a 4G pitch planned, you can't help think Macc will be in a far better place soon than they ever were in the past decade. It should also serve to weaken the constant "Oh, but if the owner leaves it's the end for us!" piss-poor argument that has divided our fanbase since
  6. There's propaganda (which all sides take part in) and downright lies and misleading claims. 90% of Tory FB paid ads during the General Election were classed as misleading or debunked Fake News compared to 0% on the Labour side. Labour attempted to try and run a fair campaign and got trashed for it. End of the day, the top echelons of society desperately want a Tory leadership to protect their interests and, as proved in the GE, they'll do anything - no matter how underhand - to achieve this.
  7. Totally agree mate. However the deeply rooted problem is the massive influence that the (mostly right-wing) media in general, army of social media bots and frankly fake shite that is peddled by people who really should know better on Facebook is what keeps these cretins in power. The culture of blaming immigrants for ills that have really been born from decades of government mismanagement is rife. The only seeds of hope can be in the next generation who have royally been shat on from the GCSE blunder (which should be added to that list) never, ever forget this. The alternative isn'
  8. He was always going to get that call from us eventually.
  9. I think the longer we as a club lurch on, the more I'm thinking our actual future is a fan-owned club bobbing around between the upper echelons of non-league. And you know what, I wouldn't mind that one bit. Fuck professional football. It'll just be three divisions max once Covid-19 is finished with anyway. May as well get used to that now.
  10. Imagine the tear ups at places like St. Helens, Bacup and Congleton if we started in the NW Counties? Not only that, an awayday to the Isle of Man too! Fucking hell, sign me up!
  11. Yeah, I noticed this last week on Chrome mate. It was showing fine on my iPhone around then too but it's the same on there now.
  12. Feels a bit like Macc are that French dude with the Mouseville place in The Green Mile and we're John Coffey (like the drink, but different).
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