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  1. I plan to make the trek to Cheltenham, as it's the only one I'm in the UK for. Not sure whether to book the train in advance to make marginally cheaper, or whether that is foolish as it would just mean travelling on my own (and probably missing the appointed train anyway)
  2. I called Fulham as my sister is thinking of coming along as well. Apparently the remaining tickets in the Oldham end will be on sale at the turnstiles (cash only). Given I think we have about 600 unsold tickets and the vast majority will have bought in advance, I'm sure it won't be problem for anyone rocking up on the day
  3. Ben, me and at least one of my siblings will hopefully be on the same train as you Will, but jumping on at Stratford. Shamefully my first game of the season
  4. Calamitous and odd change of attitude after the red. But for the first 70 we were quite good and deserved at lest a point but leto down by consistently at the critical moment taking a touch away from goal when it needed hitting or crossing
  5. Pete is also coming and aiming for the 11:55. Will be a good turnout indeed. Not sure we need to forewarn the police, but we should forewarn the bee and pie sellers in both the ground and the vicinity. I will probably be expected to head back fairly sharpish after the game, but may or may not decide to comply
  6. Trains are all from Liverpool St. I provisionally think I would be in favour of something like the 11:55 in order to be in Prittlewell in decent time for lunch at this chippy, and also because it would allow for commencing the green lager while it's just still morning
  7. Good stuff. If the Prittlewell options accommodates a good chippy as well as easy access to pubs then that definitely sounds like the plan!
  8. I am - unusually - able to make this one. Who else is planning to go? I've not been for a few years and can't remember if it's generally a better plan to go straight to Prittlewell or have a stop by the sea (mudflat) shore first. Or whether you can go to Southend and back from Prittlewell on the same return ticket. Either way it looks like the trains are pretty frequent, take just under an hour and there isn't any saving from booking (trains) in advance. Cheers, Sam
  9. The coach back to London, which runs through the centre of town (train station is a bit out) runs all night back to Victoria...
  10. See you in the Fog and Bone. We should arrive by rail replacement bus about 1:30. Looking forward to the beer. A bit apprehensive about the game
  11. Let me know what train the Southern contingent will be on and I'll see you either at the pub or possibly on the train depending what others are doing. May bring special Belgian beer. On pubs the grotty one next to the chippy near the ground has apparently recently turned into an American diner called McDoody's with the worst average reviews I have ever seen for any eating establishment. Alternative suggestions welcome but as there is a pub next to the station - Southern Belle - that is presumably the default?
  12. Good man Will. I'll be staying in Dalston so probably getting the fast train from St Pancras/Stratford, maybe the 12:27 that takes 40 minutes. I presume Ben will do the same. My sister is planning to go to the game as well, and lives South. You think you'll come up to STP or stay south of the river? On pubs etc. I only remember being in the grotty one near the ground that has the compensation of being next to a chippy. But open to alternative suggestions.
  13. I do remember getting totally drenched on that scaffold a few years ago. Gillingham were at least good enough to give out pac-a-macs to the away fans. I'll being my EU waterproof this time
  14. I'm actually going to make this glamorous encounter and I think Ben and a couple of others are in. Who else is on for a trip to the Medway?
  15. Great turnout and atmosphere in the Technical yesterday. Pity about the game
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