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  1. It was decent today from us. But the notable difference was that there were 13,000 home fans so when they got going we were always going to come out 2nd best.
  2. I never trust rail replacement busses. I got on one once going back to Glossop which stopped at Ashburys when there was a Citeh game on and they left about 200 City fans stranded. As funny as that may seem to some they would have almost certainly done the same to us yesterday. So I went via Warrington and had no real bother
  3. Sometimes winging a scrappy 1-0 in an awful game can become the turning point for a good run of form. I hope it has given Dean and the boys the much needed shot in the arm we need. Besides a win on Tuesday would take us to the magical 51 points mark.
  4. You get too much of this "we're too big to care about them (but secretly we do)" crap these days. I'd say Oldham vs Rochdale is a rivalry between two towns more than two Football clubs but that's how the biggest rivalries in the game have historically come about.
  5. I don't call it betting against my own team, I call it defeat insurance
  6. He needs a few years working underneath a management team before he can take the reigns in my opinion
  7. In my opinion whether he's overreacting or not, we need all the support we can get right now. Maybe instead of trying to patronise part of our ever decreasing fanbase, maybe we should be trying to convince the OP along with many others who have decided to turn their back on the club to reconsider their decision.
  8. I have no doubt that Barry like the rest of us has the clubs best interests at heart and by all means he's entitled to his opinion. But FFS the last thing we really need after two poor defeats is to not only bring all this back up again but to do so in the manner he has done.
  9. I want to see crowds like yesterday paying full-price again and unlike other posters I believe it can be achieved.
  10. We bring out a 3rd kit and the club sells more shirts
  11. It wasn't a classic but I thought it was a very satisfying win. We've seen very similar games in the past where we seem to peter out and end up conceeding a late goal. But as the game went on the more we took control
  12. I agree that whatever colour the club decides to go back to for old times sake it'll never be the same thing. I personally quite like the idea of an All-White away kit, but I suppose anything is better than the last two away kits we've had
  13. What year did we stop wearing those colours. (excluding when it was briefly revived 15 years ago)
  14. Another good read. I do agree about their Supporters Trust having their own bar, something to aim for in the future perhaps
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