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  1. I am beginning to blame myself for the players leaving boundary park.Having believed all the postings that Porter and Wellens were signing on Friday, I went and invested some of my hard earned cash on us getting both promotion and winning the league(each way as I am a coward) .This investment was struck at 3.30pm on Friday. We all know what happened shortly after Sorry everybody, If I EVER say that I have inside information please disregard it as it is patently untrue
  2. After spending a night to calm down it looks like the agent has done his job again.Chris is an agents dream, a lower league player that can command a fee and therefore commission for the agent on any deal. The agent has therefore got three choices,offer Chris to a English league team for a fee likely to be set by tribunal.I presume that he will get commission on the transfer fee, this is his preferred option,secondly offer Chris to a Scottish team in this case the team do not have to pay a transfer fee but presumably will pay a finders fee to the agent and pay the player more money on the savi
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