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  1. Ive posted similar on Twitter, get posters in the window on Furtherwood Road, Broadway, BP Road etc and Elk Mill (especially Mo’s favourite haunt of Costa) put flyers in your windows exactly like election time. Make the whole town Anti-Lemsagem. I remember the whole town having posters in their windows in 1990 the whole town centre caught ‘Cup Fever’. We could achieve the same through an Anti Lemsagem campaign - give them nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. We want you out of our Town’s club!
  2. Probably, not committing to a ST though until I see evidence of a plan to move forward. Picking and choosing my games next season, tbh even with a ST this season I’ve binned off 6 home games. Over to you Lemmy...
  3. Good day out, spoiled as usual by the result. Thanks for organising Stuart, highlight of the day was your 5 o’clock kebab, and the piss blow back in very windy conditions when attempting a quick per stop. Still devastated that M & S don’t do fridge raiders... Did the driver ever close that door? Hope the older boy driver made it through the night...
  4. Messaged you mate, against my better judgement. FFS I hate football, Eternal hope is a disease....
  5. Was never his biggest fan but he wore blue during a difficult first half of 88/89 probably his stand out performances were home and away v Everton in the Littlewoods Cup, he was superb in the replay but sadly Tony Cottee’s late brace did for us. Was better when we signed Andy Holden to play alongside but was eventually packed off to Walsall with John Kelly in the late summer of ‘89 after Joe moved Barrett inside and gambled on youngster Henry alongside Milligan. Not sure how that one turned out... Anyhow I digress, 61 is no age very sad news. RIP Skip
  6. If that’s the case, I stand corrected despite the fact the information has quickly found its way into the public domain.
  7. If that is the response in full, as a newly paid up member of the Trust I’m very disappointed this was withheld. Bullshit or not AL has initiated he’s suing Keegan, Corney AND Scholes why redact that? This shows either there’s a lot of crap floating about over AL’s running of the club, he’s paying lip service to the criticisms of him or he’s even more deluded than we thought? Are the Trust, editing the response to suit their own agenda? I think an explanation is needed here. I can’t see any legal angle for summarising the reply in the way it was released to the fan base. This is no way an endorsement of AL but at this stage we have to promote togetherness, if there is a CLEAR legal reason for redaction, communicate it to us. And I still think there should be a show of strength of feeling against the owner v Mansfield...
  8. I hardly post on here these days partly because of the infighting and back biting but I think the time for silly points scoring has passed. I’ve been a very vocal and outspoken critic of the trust over the years, believing it to have too little direction, being far too close to the club and lacking purpose. However, recent developments have shown the trust give a call to arms and despite its previous faults it is still the best vehicle we have to challenge the owner and try to put a plan in place to secure the future of the club. The letter was the right way to go, we have to do things the right way, we have to convince AL to share dialogue if he chooses not to then we find other legal means to ramp up the pressure on him. The club and the fans are the victims in this mess not AL despite his bleeding heart interview on Sky - which was taken apart by Scholes on Saturday night. I feel the future of the club is at risk, even more so than in 2003 as we have no unique selling point given the carving up of the club by Blitz and co. The fan base has become increasingly fractured and confrontational if there’s disagreements. Now is the time for us to pull together our decreasing numbers and show AL this our club and it still will be in whatever form it survives this mess. For all the reasons above I rejoined the Trust last week myself, wife and two kids and I’ll help in anyway I can to ensure we still have a club to support. However, I’ve still not renewed our STs and that’s a biggie for me, I’m depriving the club of vital income but if I can’t be sure what AL’s plans for the club are then I’m not financing his lunacy. Once we have a plan in place, one that has clear direction to move forward for the good of Oldham Athletic I’ll renew, not until and it kills me.
  9. First deadline has passed, given up our seats gutted in doing so but I can’t justify contributing to this goat fuck. April 27th will pass too. I’m prepared to pay the extra £90 if there’s something to buy into. Apparently we’ve sold 600 season tickets that won’t sustain Chairman Pennywise for very long....
  10. LGBT month innit? i like it, rather like that episode of the simpsons when they’re watching the seizure inducing Japanese robot cartoon...
  11. Stop interfering in the team Pay the bills on time Treat club employees with respect instead of sacking people on a whim. Take English lessons so he can actually deliver a coherent interview. Appoint a board of directors Open a club shop worthy of the name? Most importantly what are his short-term medium term long term Plans for the club? And that’s just for starters...
  12. I lost all appetite for this sort of thing when I was constantly ridiculed and shouted down when I was regularly sticking my head above the parapet regarding Corney, too many good people walked over the last ten years. We’re left with old men and kids following us, the kids are awesome they go everywhere but Many of those in their 30s and 40s have thrown in the towel. Many of those were the lads that stood in the rain alongside myself shaking buckets in 2003. I’ve been picking and choosing my games over the last few years and despite never being better off financially if it hadn’t been for the stupidly cheap ST I wouldn’t have bothered this year. I’ll be missing something like 6 or 7 home games this year and when I don’t go to games I can’t even be arsed listening to it, just checking Twitter every now and again. I’ve gone from 50 games per season to barely 30 a year over the last 4 or 5 years. Sadly days like Fulham are no longer enough, the club is up shit creek without a paddle. We’re on a fast track to do an orient, they’ve stabilised but we’re likeky to become a York, Torquay or Hartlepool given the way we’re being run. If if there was genuine and concerted efforts to show Lemsagem what we think I’d join in. If it’s the half arsed attempts we saw against Corney then count me out.
  13. This is where I am, it doesn’t feel we are doing things with integrity any more. Players publicly criticising one another suggests there’s a lot of disharmony and mistrust in the camp. The whole situation is one big mess.
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