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  1. No, I would have needed about 25 selections in the race to have found that. Backed the second Run Wild Fred E/W at 10's, think it might have won with anything like a competent jump at the second last, lost a length and all its momentum with the mistake, never mind Aintree this week.
  2. On the basis that we could get massacred there every week.
  3. Me too, tried yesterday and again today, no problems with any other sites.
  4. Now you've really got me confused. I thought I'd predicted a 1-0 win for Stevenage, hence I didn't predict a Latics scorer.
  5. I'm a bit confused. I thought I'd predicted us to lose 1-0 at Stevenage, it looks like I'd actually predicted us to win 1-0. I'll have to be more careful in future, as I would never knowingly predict us to win any game currently.
  6. Where will we finish? 17th POTS - Grant Emerging star - No idea Will Harry Kewell be here at the end of the season? No Will Abdallah still be here? Yes Biggest pissboil of the season - North Stand closed all season Promoted from L2 - Bolton, Tranmere, Salford, Exeter Relegated from L2 - Harrogate and Barrow
  7. Done, seemed to go okay, let me know if I messed up.
  8. A good listen and very interesting too, Rick Holden always was a character.
  9. I'm not so sure, there's no way the clubs been able to afford a laminater.
  10. I thought Dino came across really well in the podcast, clearly doing his best in what are very difficult circumstances.
  11. You'd hope that at some stage we will be so low that we can't get any lower, unfortunately it seems we are not there yet.
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