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  1. One of the statements on the job application form at Latics , should read " This club contains nuts".
  2. Whilst we have a team of crocks. How many matches has our beloved Peter Clarke missed through injury in the last 5 years ?
  3. So, the spite, and hatred is ramped up another couple of notches . The lemmies must be as thick as mince, if they cannot grasp that their time is up. They are in a position that is untenable. They are done, and are absolutely in their death throes. Everyone must keep ramping up the pressure, although invading the pitch is not the answer. They must get the message soon, and GO. If this continues much longer the club will, instead of being in a perilous position, will be in ruins.
  4. Have we had a goalkeeper by that name ? A Oxford fan, and friend of mine, reckons that they have just signed him from us.
  5. That sounded like a cracking game, and ended in a great result. The commentator did a most fantastic job, that lad has got passion coursing through his veins . Ever onward.
  6. I think that we actually did ok, the circumstances regarding who could play were probably unprecedented in the clubs history. I just think that we set up not to get beat, and it nearly worked. When we get players back we will be fine.
  7. I'm up at 5 am, really excited. It will be no different up and down the land, fans starved of football, and every team level pegging at kick off. Downed my breakfast ( Shreddies ). So now I am ready for the new season. On the road at 8-30 for the 2 hour drive to Oldham. I visit my daughter and Grandkids in Moorside, and spend a couple of hours with them . Then off to BP for the serious stuff. And just like most fans, I will be hoping for the best, but at the same time fearing the worst. Safe travel to all those going to the game. Lets hope that we get off to a winning start. It's been a long time without football, so enjoy the day everyone.
  8. Yep, it's not nice having unpleasant mates.
  9. Is it open for eats and drinks tomorrow ?
  10. 2 hours to get home. And after a defeat it is not very pleasant. However, the immediate 2 hours after a defeat is not great whether sat in a house in Oldham, or driving up the A1.
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