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  1. If it stays closed there will be no season ticket for me.
  2. Pete, how true your comments are. Last night I said to my good lady " I am 73 years old, I fear that in my life that is left, I will not see any stability at the club, and I see no prospect of even a modicum of success " . A sickening thought.
  3. Murray would be mad to take on. He knows that he would be on the dole in 6 months.
  4. As we all know, any new coach/manager will have zero effect. The problem is Koko the f in clown and his multi award winning, steeped in football history, and highly qualified brother Mo. So the circus will just roll on. And what few fans are left will continue to be kicked in the guts, and eventually be shorn of their love for a once great little football club. My heart bleeds, and I am sickened to the core by the goings on at BP.
  5. I was at that game too. I was sat in the main stand, and had a perfect view of that. The ball hit the stanchion and came out. So we had to score twice to win one nil.
  6. I was just about to jump in and correct you. Yes , St John's shot hit the bar, and Mc cue cleard it. I was in Chaddy end, and have no idea if the ball had crossed the line. And I vowed that day that nobody could tell if shots that hit the underside of the bar had actually crossed the line, therefore if the ball didn't end up in the net you should play on. Could anyone say for certain, that the Hurst goal against Germany, even after endless replays, had actually crossed the line. And at our level of football we are still no wiser to whether a goal should stand under the same c
  7. Just shows were we are as a club when those giants of football Harrogate and Barrow, last seasons promoted clubs from the National league have both beat us at home this season.
  8. Good time to be playing Exeter. They have had a 660 round trip to Barrow in midweek, only to have the game postponed an hour before kick off. Now face another 250 mile trip up to ISZ. So they may not get travel sick, but chances are they will be sick of travel.
  9. I agree. A result would be to have survived. It would also be rather nice to go to a live game or two before this campaign is over.
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