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  1. Just shows were we are as a club when those giants of football Harrogate and Barrow, last seasons promoted clubs from the National league have both beat us at home this season.
  2. Good time to be playing Exeter. They have had a 660 round trip to Barrow in midweek, only to have the game postponed an hour before kick off. Now face another 250 mile trip up to ISZ. So they may not get travel sick, but chances are they will be sick of travel.
  3. I agree. A result would be to have survived. It would also be rather nice to go to a live game or two before this campaign is over.
  4. Well, today's game at ice station zebra, just proves what a funny old game football can be.
  5. A loss would lead to OWTB forum meltdown, and multiple " That's me done threats", so 1 nil to Latics.
  6. Come on Monty, you just KNOW that there will be no but.
  7. So, we sell arguably our best player . Who in my opinion is the star of a very poor group. So we just get poorer. I keep on thinking, they can't do anything anymore nonsensical, and the clowns keep on proving me wrong. The days are getting darker and darker.
  8. We are half way through the and have already lost 9 at home . Is that a record for the club? Nobody, in the Premiership, nor Championship , league 1 and 2. Scottish Premiership, National league, and National league North and South have lost 9 at home this season.
  9. Nah, all our strikers spend most of the game having a group hug in the dugout . But we rarely get to see them on the pitch.
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