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  1. ...plus... you’d have to watch the moronic nonsense called socceram to hear him. Absolute trash.
  2. Couldn’t give a toss what he says. Honestly. He cares as much about me as I do about him.
  3. Thats why I said it works better for Blitz even though original post was aimed at AL. I suppose the ‘house’ in that case refers to the team.
  4. ...it does work for both... but it’s actually very close to exactly what Blitz has done.
  5. Absolutely. This fantasy that a fan based group can fund the purchase and running of the club is ludicrous. Not to mention that the fans shouldn't be buying something so vastly overpriced in the first place. Blitz is the blockage stopping any progress being made by either the current owner, a new owner or the fans coming together. Why some people still wont accept this, and didn't realise it years ago, is bewildering. AL is Blitz's legacy.
  6. ....and it’s all probably worth less than half that.
  7. We’ve scored 59 goals, second highest in the league. We have now scored the most goals in the league from open play. Scoring hasn’t been the problem.
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