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  1. You will be right - we will have 3 more managers before the start of the new season and a new Director of Football. Mo will leave in a sideways move to Rochdale and Barry Owen will step up to take the flat cap!!
  2. Agreed - I had 3 to renew but modern technology isn't for me. Thanks to Gina in the ticket office for sorting my renewals - a good start to the 2021/2022 season so far for me!! Proper customer service.
  3. I've done it - with my answers in the bag you should be receiving at least a 1st Class Honours Degree. Good luck with the course - it must be hard with covid about to have the real life of a student!
  4. Don't know about the main stand - I went for a kick about with the dog on my grass and the grass was frozen solid at 11.45am. It was abandoned after 2 minutes and he was 1 up!! And no I didn't pick him up and hurt my back.
  5. I live in Royton and this morning there's a fog, a hard frost and as I write this it's -3 with no prospect of anything before Saturday above +1 so I think it may well be off!! The ground is frozen solid.
  6. Wow - what fans they have on their site - they wanted the manager sacked - they want their owner out - they want to disband the trust - the players are the worst in the league. It would never happen on OWTB!! .............................................................in an ideal world. Happy New Year Everyone.
  7. Take the job Lee. Your first game is away in the Plastic Pizza Cup at the Stadium of Wet Dreams. Don't forget your clipboard and dress up well - it's colder than Brizzle
  8. Strange but work got busy and I forgot to put it on on Saturday. I am thinking investing in in Exeter, might have to wait and see Mo and Barry to select the players after 2.00pm on Saturday. Should be a safe bet after last week!!
  9. Corner of Union Street; Ashton Road and King Street at the traffic lights.
  10. Quality - I remember going past on the bus and asking my mum what are all those people outside the Cat's Whisker's waiting for - she said - some pop group - The Beatles - they aren't much cop. (well she was a Jim Reeves fan). Interesting to note the DJ Ray Teret was jailed for 25 years for rape a few years ago!!
  11. Just checked and mine came in yesterday (13/11). I did not contact ifollow but it's back now. It's just in time to invest it with BetFred (other bookies are available) on a 3-0 win over The Iron today. Come on you blues.
  12. Don't quote me on this but somewhere along the line I remember a sports broadcast on BBC Radio Bolton (Manchester) where they confirmed there was a financial incentive from Bolton to broadcast their games!! Just saying - at my age memory isn't too great!!
  13. I was able to attend an Indian Premier League game a few years ago. All the cheap seats had been sold and we had to pay £ 1.50 for one of the seats with a better view. The whole thing was madness. Most of the crowd had no idea of the rules of the game, and they only knew a goal had been scored when the fireworks went off! The entertainment was great (not so god on the pitch!) with singers, bands and the whole crowd joining in as if it were a pop concert! No crowd control and no provision for away fans. I even bought a replica shirt for under £1. Happy days
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