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  1. Ah my e-mail of last night worked wonders. Perhaps I should sent one to AL and MO - just saying..............................
  2. Good Afternoon Dick Nice to see you around...... My daughter - the one we took to Wimbledon - is a school teacher. When their school played on the pitch each child was given a free ticket for the parent / guardian etc to watch. Have they stopped giving the freebies away? It's not the way to encourage new blood to join the Faith!
  3. My e-mail says Gina hopes to contact everyone this week and she's going as fast as she can. (She's probably busy dealing with the likes of me and BP1960) No good to me if I can't pick mine up this week. I think we need to have a "Customer Care" department at B P because at the moment it's looking more like a " Don't give a shit - thanks for your money " department.
  4. Cheers - e-mail sent - very polite (for me). I await the reply with everything crossed!
  5. Just a small point on this one - it will only affect me and the other three people have have bought season tickets - but like many people I paid early for mine to enable the owners to get organised. It's less than 2 weeks before the season starts. I am on staycation next week - going to see how Jimmy Crankie runs Scotland - and am back on Saturday just in time for the game. I need my season ticket now - not a week on Saturday when I have to join the line of 3 outside the ticket office! I will e-mail supporter services tomorrow but am not too hopeful! Piss up and brewery come to mind - why have a ticket office and staff if you use an outside agency (on decent commission) to sell your tickets. Rant over.................
  6. Ah yes - 1971 - The Falconers Arms - bottom of Frederick Street £ 0.16p a pint!! The good old days!
  7. The Railway in the centre of Royton is my "local". Finest J W Lees draught bitter as good as it gets - don't start - I've drunk it for 45 years at £ 3.15 per pint. Away fans welcome as far as I am aware.
  8. He did the deed in the North Stand, wearing a Red Fleece - Are you - Lord Lucan?
  9. "Explosive" interview with the big fellow on BBC GMR Sport 2- 6 today. Might be an interesting listen for both fans and owners
  10. That's the problem! The club put almost everything - team news, updates, photos and even breaking news on Twatter and Facecloth before it goes on't fissul. Don't they know some of us coffin dodgers are still in the dark ages - I only use the fissul and I have to wait for the valves on my Atari to get warm first!! Yes I am a luddite!!
  11. All paid for 12 months - Best of luck with this - it's a great fundraiser. Well done to all.
  12. You will be right - we will have 3 more managers before the start of the new season and a new Director of Football. Mo will leave in a sideways move to Rochdale and Barry Owen will step up to take the flat cap!!
  13. Agreed - I had 3 to renew but modern technology isn't for me. Thanks to Gina in the ticket office for sorting my renewals - a good start to the 2021/2022 season so far for me!! Proper customer service.
  14. I've done it - with my answers in the bag you should be receiving at least a 1st Class Honours Degree. Good luck with the course - it must be hard with covid about to have the real life of a student!
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