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  1. Many have said over the last few years that we should be doing low season ticket prices as I believe others have done. I appreciate the strange times that we are in and the feeling against the owners but it a bloody good deal
  2. Sure that there was a falling out between the two Clubs owners in the past or am I having another senior moment?
  3. For what little it is worth I think that it is time to move on
  4. My very first match, Second game under floodlights at BP, First being Burnley. 55/56 years later feeling what the Fxxk did I let myself for
  5. Not a happy clapper or supporter of the current owner regime but the question I could ask is our away form a record? It is in my make up rightly or wrongly to always be positive although as Tics it is hard work
  6. Saying in jest.... Fxxk me, We score a goal and someone still has to moan about it
  7. The problem is that when Covid is involved ma\ny think that they are THE expert
  8. Twitter appear to be saying that 8 mins is too long I would be happy with a point at home
  9. True but our pitch is I so believe is in Chadderton, Royton and Oldham so we should be fine. Or have I had too much to drink?
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