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  1. These people have pitched up here with no capital to buy the stadium - no capital to improve the playing squad - with zero attendances, somehow, enough capital to keep us afloat supported by government capital. And now, somehow, enough capital to quite heavily discounted season tickets for their 4th season of ownership. We have witnessed mayhem with staff rotation with barely a whiff of improvement after the event in any area. With no signs of fan friendly interaction or a vision for the future - why are these people here?
  2. Great entertainment on here during lockdown. Shambolic in defence, hopeless in midfield and miss-kicks in front of goal. Only 1 team has scored more goals than us and only 5 teams have won more games than us. And somehow during the pandemic and zero attendances, wages and HMRC, seemingly, continue to be paid. Covid isolation is effecting our logic.
  3. Could you please stay in reverse a couple of minutes
  4. I've spent the last 3yrs thinking the same. Came up blank.
  5. And 10 bob got you a taxi from Werneth to M/C centre in 1967 for my first Wedding Anniversary.
  6. We are all going along with it and we can all identify shit. Being worried about where these people are taking our club and how they are doing it is quite normal for some fans. As is not giving a fuck.
  7. Incompetence is easy to judge in their case - but on they go.
  8. Well they have nothing to worry about then. I’m still worried.
  9. Just a worry, like I'm worried about stating something without facts to back it up.
  10. These people bought a professional football club excluding the ground. So, them investment in the product on the pitch, would be a reasonable assumption for fans to make. This assumption we very quickly realised, was a false dawn. Why are they here? My worry is that it’s all going rather well for them.
  11. And there's me about to post a positive - retaining 22nd place. What a farce!
  12. One aspect of furlough and the extraordinary times we are all having to cope with is it is quite generous in the majority of cases. While not knowing Wheater’s precise financial position, I will put him in the ‘comfortable’ category. While I have not been furloughed here are a list of financial benefits I, or anyone else, could have received during lockdown. Only covering 160 miles in my car instead of 1,600. Zero spend on drinks, tiffins, lunches or meals. Zero spend on impulse buys. Zero spend on entry to any historical, entertainment, or keep fit facilities. I got a refund on a UK holiday
  13. He fits the bill. My sauce said he came through under 18s at Huddersfield, and your guy did.
  14. I’ve heard a Norwich link is an Owdamer and fan.
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