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  1. Oh FFS this dick head is back time to update my ignore list.
  2. I tend to follow logic reason and evidence. I don't believe in being optimistic for optimism sake and hoping that reality will realign itself because it won't. But because I follow logic and evidence I'm fairly confident that this rather grim period in the clubs history will eventually end, ALMO will be a distant memory and that at some point things will get better. Because their is plenty of evidence that shows that football clubs go through bad times and far more often than not come out the otherside of it.
  3. That early 90's green Bovis one is our greatest ever kit....
  4. The one thing we are getting right. So I suppose we have to give credit where its due, Well done to the people behind this.
  5. How many have we won in the last 20? Off the top of my head I can think of one which is Stevenage in 2013 where Montano scored that worldie and Baxter grabbed a brace.
  6. Their was this case against a Blackpool fan who made some derogatory comments on a message board against the Oystens. But the poster implied some very lurid allegations which we haven't seen on here. If we did I'd expect the admin would have shut it down pretty quickly. Blackpool fan sued
  7. I'm not a lawyer and I wouldn't advocate doing it but I think it depends on how threatening your behaviour is. If it's used with intent to cause assault then I'd imagine so. If you call him to his face inside Boundary Park then he can eject you as he can everyone he's the owner. But if 3000 Latics fans at Boundary Park tell him to get out of the club what's he going to do chuck everyone out midway through a game?
  8. He went after Blitz and failed. He treated the players and staff like shit because they were under his employment. The fans are not under his employment He can't legally go after anyone for saying he's a rubbish football club owner. Racism threats and stories that are made up then that's a different matter He can go after those people. But just saying he hasn't a clue what he's doing and neither has his brother at their jobs that's just democracy for you. He is though volatile enough to take the club down despite the fact he would lose everything. If that's the case we just start from scratch. I don't think it will come to that. The fact that we no longer hear from Abdullah may even be grounds for mild optimism that he might be on the quiet trying to sell the club. That could admittedly be wishful thinking on my part.
  9. We appear to be leaving it abit late to get a midfield together the squad overall looks well short of quality to me and we are 10 days out from the first game of the season.
  10. Their probably are but we don't appear to be making any moves to bring any of them in. If we can't afford a past his peak but potentially still has something to offer someone Dean Furman then surely its only a matter of time before administration happens which will be painful but it appears its looking like the only way the Lemsagams will leave.
  11. 799 attendance including 55 from Crewe. We had just over 2100 their Saturday with 900 from Burnley. I know these are only friendlies but those are quite eye opening figures. Not that the owners will listen like. Abit of a shame for the players who by the sounds of it have given a goodish account of themselves I'm both games.
  12. Why would I want to work for these morons? Look I'm not having a go at people who want to still go that's fine that's your decision. But you don't need me to tell you, that these people don't care about us and as a result can't get even do the basic things right.
  13. This Is anyone honestly surprised when you see how utterly useless the people running our football club are that they can't properly organise this.
  14. Go pay the money and be a proud Dad if the opportunity comes to hurl obscenities at AL and Mo (out of ear shot of your daughter obviously think of the children etc) then sieze the moment. Although I doubt the former will be at the stadium he was rarely there in 19/20 I reckon he will be there even less next year I'd imagine.
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