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  1. The deliberate trolling by one particular poster on this thread and many others is getting pretty tedious now.
  2. But he pays the bills.... Seriously the walls are closing in on him now either he cuts his losses and sells or he will end up losing it all if we go into Admin.
  3. See below Eyrsie. I said then it was horrific we owe alot of people alot of money. Club accounts
  4. Or alternatively we will treat our paying customers like shit our sponsors like shit and then wonder why they walk away and we can't pay the bills. Good Logic!
  5. Do you want to explain that £3.3million of trade creditors sat on the Balance Sheet then.
  6. Bearing in mind we have £3.3million of Trade creditors sat on our Balance sheet(I.e. £3.3 million of unpaid bills) which probably includes some unpaid bills from Corneys time then there is a good chance its a historical bill that hasn't been settled.
  7. What about loan fees? Credit where its due I think the club had gone nearly 2 weeks without a shitstorm.
  8. Come on we all know it's going to be Doncaster.
  9. I don't think it's going to come down to those 2 binary choices he won't be our Owner pronably 1 year from now certainly 2. He will be either forced to leave and administration will happen or he will sell willingly
  10. Avoiding relegation plus new owners is the best we can expect in the next 12 months
  11. When you consider the team he was in it was quite a remarkable achievement. We didn't have a target man last season infact we appeared to play a false 9 supported by wide forwards and we finished the 2nd highest scorers, it was the one thing we got right last season. Don't get me wrong a target man who gets in people's faces can be great asset so too is a forward who can press from the front. I just feel we need to remind ourselves that their is more than one way to skin a cat.
  12. Hes the player we actually need right now. Although for some reason some want a big clogger who will run about making lots of noise and score 8 goals a season rather than one who will quietly go about scoring 20.
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