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  1. Partly that and partly due to the defender not forcing him wide enough we had 3 on 2 so the defenders had to back off they did the right thing in that respect. Just that when he got to the box he should have forced Dearnley wider. That said it's a terrific individual goal to run from inside your own half which was worthy of winning any game.
  2. It should give us some confidence, the players should take alot of heart from that it was a very good performance and a deserved win. If we get maybe another signing I feel we need another leader either at the back or in midfield and get a settled back 3/4 which keeps us abit tighter then we can push up the league
  3. It's weird because it usually a case of us being alright at the back and in midfield but being crap upfront. Seems to be the opposite with this team while I'm not against games with goals obviously entertainment is a good thing if we are capable of keeping clean sheets it will give our forwards the confidence knowing that if they get on the scoresheet we can win the game. It looks like at the moment we have to score atleast 2 to have a chance of getting a point.
  4. This is the first time I've seen us this season for over an hour an I have to say it's not as bad as I was expecting quite like the look of Barnett. Bamboozler offers intent. I can see why mcleney scores he looks an intelligent player. However throwing balls into the channels for Rowe is not going to work for him ever. and we are weak as piss defensively. But overall it's not that bad.
  5. Right ok they do seem slightly over excited. We arent looking that bad all things considering 1-0 garrity
  6. This the first time I've heard the commentary I can see why it pisses you all off who is commentating with Roy?
  7. It's not the dog in the fight it's the fight in the dog.
  8. Not to be bottom of league 2. Which is the problem with Oldham fans we clearly have far too high expectations.
  9. Confirmed Exactly the type of player who could benefit enormously from playing alongside an experienced centre half who has played at a much higher level and is a captain of his current and previous club.....
  10. They could be 6ft 2 and soft as shit or they could be 5ft 4 and fight like a bastard think Billy Bremner David Batty or even Nick Henry or Darren Sheridan. Although I take your point some height in our backline is needed as we are giving away too many goals from balls into the box.
  11. Harry Clarke from Arsenal?... rumour that is..
  12. It's kind of what we need at the moment. Yeah I know we shouldn't be in this mess etc but we want players who can pull us clear of the relegation zone. That doesn't mean I want a group of cloggers necessarily it can come in all shapes and sizes and backgrounds just aslong as they make us better.
  13. Well I'd imagine the clubs in the lower half will not be happy about an increased threat of relegation or losing their parachute payments. What I think this is, is a trojan horse for the likes of Liverpool and Man United to break up the collective bargaining agreement to try and get their own tv deals like Real Madrid and Barcelona do.
  14. Trying to change the narrative abit here. But if we were at a low point in 1960 and 30 years later we were at a high point. What did we do right in that time in between and what lessons can be learned that could be applied today?
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