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  1. I think during the times of Platini running UEFA and Blatter running FIFA then their was plenty of anti English sentiment particularly around the 2018 world cup bid. Both those 2 got shown up as being corrupt parasites though. However Im not sure their is still the same anti English sentiment now. Though Im not particularly confident in either organisation to reign in the big clubs in this instance which is probably whats required.
  2. Seems unlikely if we sells it would be the full lot and he'd probably want the majority if not all the money back he has pissed up the wall back.
  3. Well it helps when you have people in the media who will divert the attention away from stuff like this. Look brown people are coming after you!
  4. Their are people who like to find a way to blame everything on the BBC.
  5. Let's not lose site of who the real villains of the piste are here and its not Sean Dyche and Burnley Fortunately this guy is here to save football and if ever the younger generation needed a guy to speak on their behalf then surely it is this 74 year old property Billionaire Hero
  6. Football fans might be hardy souls but they won't have the piss taken out of them just take a look at our season ticket sales. The reality for this whole thing is that they have more to lose than gain it will be dead in the water this and quickly forgotten about with in a month just like that project big picture they came out with a few months ago. They are just leveraging this to twist UEFAs arm to fet a reformed champions league.
  7. While The Glazers will clearly want more TV money they also need Old Trafford full every week. Match day revenue for Man United is £110million a year prior to the pandemic no business can just throw that kind of money away. Full stadiums are also far more attractive to sponsors and tv companies Yes they want to increase TV an international revenue. But if fans turn their back on it in this country then it will fail.
  8. Because it would be bad for their competiton they need to make sure the West Broms Fulhams Burnleys etc are fighting for their lives otherwise the product will just die. To this extent the Premier league has been a success its a competitive league throughout and aslong as their is a chance of teams coming through that will remain the case. Why this super league will fail (and I think there is more chance of United and Liverpool playing in Rugby Leagues super league than this happening) Will be that ultimately you will get a few games into the competition and you will already have t
  9. They have tried this trick before in the late 90's they pushed for a European super league which never happened but resulted in the expansion of the champions league. Its clear the bigger clubs are pushing for something similar. The concern for us will be what this does to domestic cups as the bigger clubs increasingly see them as a distraction. One thing I can see happening is an expanded champions league and the possibility of pushing those CL games to weekend. The current schedule means that the CL is on prime time tv in Europe 8n midweek but isn't accessible or sell
  10. Not really seems far fetched at best they have been talking of a European super league jobby for years it never happens because it will be unworkable. Id be more worried about the problems closer to home.
  11. Curle Managerial Career His record is 1 promotion with Northampton 1 play off final defeat 2 relegations. His win ratio is usually circa 30-40%. He's not a serial promotion winner say like Kenny Jacket Simon Grayson or Neil Warnock. But its not all that bad either.
  12. Thanks again for the podcast Matt it was quite a nice change of tact aswell. You've had people on this podcast discussing the current affairs of the club and they have been a good listen but it was nice that we had people on reminiscing about happier times. I expected Dave to sound abit more Northern but then I realised he's lived down in London for 30-40 years which has possibly softened his accent.
  13. We're we even selling season tickets in the same period last year.
  14. Has 11 in all competitions as a trendy false 9 which for the league 2 players is far too complicated and like asking them to perform brain surgery.
  15. Connor Mcaleney is on 19 goals in all competition's for the season when was the last time we had a player who had scored that many. I'd say that's worth celebrating.
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