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  1. All part of the 5 year plan this League 1 by 2022
  2. Neither do players with strong characters. Trying to build a team without either technically gifted players or strong characters and expecting any kind of success seems abit of a tall order. Not confirmed yet but it's looking ominous at the moment...
  3. So in conclusion with the Wheater situation. Hes fit, hes not fit He's professional hes not professional. It's all his fault its Harry Kewells choice Harry Kewell says it's down to the club. So that cleared up nothing. It's bad enough that Mo is involved in recruitment nevermind first team training Tbf Karl isn't the root cause of the above issues we all know who really is the problem there. He seemed to get bogged down with stuff on twitter which seemed unnecessary such as when we only 400 likes for something is that really imp
  4. See this is the thing is people will buy match tickets because they want to be fans they don't want to be owners too it's to much hassle both financially and interms of actual stress We want to be owners we'd have to put our ha0nds in our pockets. Abdallah would probably want some of his money back probably around 7 figures just to but the club. Then Blitz wants £6million for the land. The last submitted P%L showed we lost £600K for the year. Split that between say circa 3000 fans that's £200 a fan it looks plausible. However you would have to
  5. Well the current incumbent has delivered our worst side in over 60 years. His predecessor(s) promised lots and delivered years of false dawns wracked up the debt and sold half the land of for houses and brought the club to the brink of bankruptcy. The one before him nearly killed the club and ended up under house arrest for fraud. So it's pretty fair to say that the bar has been set pretty low. Anyone who can keep us shitstorm free and get us a promotion will probably be regarded as a Hero.
  6. I do believe this 100% however have you sources on this?
  7. confident we will still finish 18th the rest I'm not so confident about the rest looks like Kewell might stick it out until the end of the season. Sadly Abdallah looks like hes going nowhere either.
  8. It might also be a clear message to Abdallah and Mo that we need experienced heads in the dressing room. They might not get them sell on fee and they might challenge the leadership a few times, but they will bring on the younger players and they will win you matches. The owner is going to have lose his aversion to experienced players if he wants progress. It was a huge mistake getting rid of McCann in the summer an even bigger one leaving Wheater to rot in the reserves when you still have to pay his wages (more goals conceded last night from balls into the box I see). It can be rectified this
  9. That man has such a wonderfully soothing voice. I could listen to it all day. I think we can forgive him not turning upto home games against Colchester on a Tuesday night if he's trying to understand and educate mankind about the universe. It's sort of a bigger deal.
  10. We are miles away from the play offs we've not even been in the top half all season nevermind the top 7. Well actually we are 5 players away but we would have to bring in those 5 players and they would have to be certain starters who could hit the ground running and make an instant impact the chances of us finding those 5 players in the next 3 weeks is pretty slim.
  11. Yet in the first half when we had Bambhoula upfront on his own we played our best football of the game. When Dearnley and Macleney came on they didn't really impact the game and they couldn't because we couldn't get hold of the game It's all very well saying attack attack attack you could have Christiano Ronaldo upfront for you but if you can't get him the ball he can't score. Now I don't blame our midfield for not controlling the game yesterday against a side 3rd in the championship. Where it is a problem is when they can't get hold of the game at home to Harrogate To
  12. We've been pretty much outclassed this second half but I'm not judging us for that. Take some of the positives from this in particularly the 1st half display and move on and try and finish the season as strongly as possible.
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