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  1. Looks like Rob Mcelhenney and Ryan Reynolds are being serious.
  2. Like the 10 managers before them? Perhaps their is a reason we can only attract "shite" mangers.
  3. No it's not as simple as that. Our Owner has been saying that we have been aiming for promotion for the last 3 seasons and I genuinely think he was thick enough to believe it was a serious possibility. You can go an say you have ambition and that you want to be here there or wherever in 5 years. If you don't have a strategy to back it up then failure is inevitable. The problem in L1 wasn't necessarily the lack of ambition but more the point that Blitz Gazal and Corney held onto the club between 2010-2018 when they had clearly lost interest and should have found a proper buyer and should have accepted that they had to make compromises for that to happen and cut their losses earlier. Instead by holding onto the ground the way they have done its cost them alot of time and effort which they could have directed elsewhere to things that would actually make them money.
  4. Perhaps if 2 different managers have delivered the same kind of results then the manager might not be the problem?
  5. That's actually what the club should be aiming at in L2. But this squad won't be good enough even with 3-4 additions.
  6. On paper and looking at his experience Clarke is probably the most accomplished of our centre backs the issue appears to be keeping him fit over the course of the season.
  7. I don't know I wouldn't be against us having him back at the moment we are well short in midfield so he gets in more by default though than anything. We have enough players to club together a defence and we have a goalkeeper. We are short in midfield and attack at the moment. I think we are 3-4 bodies light interms of putting together a team that will finish 18th in L2 again Let alone do anything more than that.
  8. I'd say it's because he's the best of a bad bunch. Being the best defender in the best defender in the worst defence doesn't seem much of an achievement. He is a leader, but I think a good side has several leaders in the dressing room and doesn't just leave it upto one man to rouse the rest of the players. He's a great guy he will head the kitchen sink if it's thrown in the box. He's not someone I would ever question his commitment to the cause. But like alot of this squad I feel he's the type of player who will keep you in this division but won't take you much further.
  9. Isn't the point of friendlies that you experiment with different systems to see what works and what players will work where?
  10. I think your idea of luxury player and mine are different them again it's not an expression I always like. We also didn't have the worst defence in the league because of Dylan and I belief its equally as possible to have team that contains Bahamboula and have the best defence in the league, aslong as he has the right players around him. Some people don't like the idea of playing with 2 defensive midfielders if you have a player like Dylan I'm quite happy for us to play with 2 sitters in midfield because it gives him the licence to go and play then. A competent manager will find a way to fit a player like that into his team.
  11. Also I wouldn't describe him as an entertaining player I'd describe him as a match winner. Because I reckon he can be the difference in alot of games.
  12. Their is more to his game than dribbling see his goal against Tranmere away. He's capable of winning you matches I don't like this idea he's a luxury player when he does things that no other player can that's not a luxury player that's a vital player. Having 3 or 4 Bahamboulas in your starting line up might be a luxury but so too would be having 4 right backs. That's a luxury. You also didn't rate Mcaleney either what attacking players do you like? Because those 2 are about as good we can get at this level.
  13. If you are the teams best attacking player you can't be seen as a luxury player I'd say that makes you pivotal. Yes I get the need to be a defensively strong unit without the ball and that includes the forwards pressing from the front. However if we are not offering any attacking threat when we win the ball back its equally as pointless. If we go from losing 3-2 and 4-3 every week with the odd 3-2 win. To being a team losing 1 and 2 nil every week with week with the odd 1-0 win then its pointless because you are going nowhere. If Dylan goes which I think he will then we need attacking players in because if we don't we are pinning too much on Hallam Hope and Zach Dearnleys fitness for goals. It will be a problem.
  14. It's a great appointment in 2008 unfortunately since that first stint at Stockport he's actually done very little in football management/coaching and has proved to be a somewhat volatile character.
  15. If we are letting him go out on trial to other club's (Have we ever done that before for a senior player) then at the very least we are open to offers to him whether it's for financial reasons (most likely) or footballing reasons (slightly less likely but possible) I can't see him being an Oldham player next season.
  16. Football Education Programme Manager I don't quite know what one of them is I wonder how long it is before he falls out with Mo Lemsagam. Thoughts?
  17. When we had sold Edmondson we had a season where we had a cup run which netted us £500k Edmondson had made it into the L2 team of the season so his stock was higher abd we were in a position to hold out for a higher fee. Due to the fact he's training with Middlesbrough and Middlesbrough know we are under a transfer embargo then they know they can pick him up on the cheap. Might just have to accept what we are given.
  18. You can imagine the team meetings the day before the game. Southgate. Right tomorrow's game No tactics, formations, or set piece routines I'm giving you all a copy of Das Kapital and I expect you to read it from cover to cover for tomorrow's game. We are not here to win games but to overthrow the capitalist system. Can you imagine how confused some of them would be with it.
  19. I'd be amazed if any of people describing it as Marxism know what Marxism is. Least of all why a group of people who have become millionaires in their twenties I.e. the big winners in a capitalist system would support it. It's probably something they read in their "Daily" or something they have seen in some True British patriot flag shagging echo chamber Facebook group.
  20. You could argue that in Italy that they get more time on the ball than in league 2. That said I trust your ability more than most to judge a players capability BP1960.
  21. That's a very fair point we do need to recognise we have a come a long way in this regard. We also must understand that most England supporters wanted to turn up enjoy the games get behind the team and sing sweet Caroline. I've also thoroughly enjoyed watching this England team in the Euros. Between 2006-20018 I was quite dissilusioned watching the England football team. They came across as an entitled overpaid detached mercenaries who didn't care about playing for England and couldn't put club rivalries to one side. This group is different they are young men who want to do well for England who have bonded together and also have a social conscience. For some reason we like to bash young people in this country yet this group of young men who come from all across the UK have put their peers to shame. Yes some of them are guilty of the trappings of fame and fortune but they reflect a better version of us. Gareth Southgate deserves a huge amount of credit for this for not only being a good strategic coach but also the way he's handled the press and lead with dignity and to be capable of shutting that huge noise that surrounds the England team out. When the dust settles on this summer we will look back and remember an England team and a coach who lead the country on and off the pitch in the right way.
  22. We all saw on Sunday night that unfortunately racism is still part of football. If footballers making a very short peaceful demonstration about this issue generally offends you that badly that you won't attend football matched not only are you part of the problem but I actually feel sorry for you.
  23. Yeah I saw that it's rather tragic seeing his deterioration in recent years from a voice of reason to Barry Owens attack dog. Seems a groundless assumption. If their was any racism on here the mods would be all over it.
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