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  1. This is diabolical...I have never seen such a disjointed team...doesn’t even look like they even know each other never mind have a way of playing! Can’t see how he is going to get this team to gel!!
  2. Holiday with the misses as punishment after a dreadful season of football..that’s more than a a lose lose! I guess a divorce would be more expensive mind so damage limitation!
  3. Lols I admire your optimism/delusion I don’t know what half of that bet is more likely to happen p.s I hope this post comes back to bite me then it’s a win - win
  4. You are at least guaranteed to win on something whereas your philosophy means you could either win or lose only.
  5. But if they don’t do a post match report of the game it never happened right? We are such a shambles at the minute...
  6. Blackpool are in for wheater too so no chance
  7. Was reading it this was also...he would have said double the budget otherwise plus how the hell is Barry Owen on the board slating the past ownership leaving us millions in debt?? Didn’t he used to be so far up Corneys arse and never suggested otherwise during his time as head of trust and on the board previously??? How can he be trusted when he didn’t have a clue the last ownership left us saddled with financial burden!
  8. The fact we have a 132 page new manager thread sums up how depressing life as an Oldham fan is...it’s only a few months till it becomes a top thread again! Who was the manager we were talking about when this thread started?? Lee Johnson??
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