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  1. Pretty much sums it up Livo...we have all seen too much shit for too long. AL is just the cherry on top of a very big cake! How anyone can take him seriously after this latest episode I don’t know. I feel sorry for Banide...just the latest human to be treated like shite by AL and Co.
  2. I’ve been a pretty silent passenger to all the goings on since Scholes left...it’s absolutely comical and AL is making an absolute mockery of our club...how can he release that statement last week and then go and do this?!? He’s on another planet!!
  3. This is diabolical...I have never seen such a disjointed team...doesn’t even look like they even know each other never mind have a way of playing! Can’t see how he is going to get this team to gel!!
  4. He probably knows he is just the scapegoat for if results go terribly...then AL & ML will find another french speaking nobody to have a go!
  5. Holiday with the misses as punishment after a dreadful season of football..that’s more than a a lose lose! I guess a divorce would be more expensive mind so damage limitation!
  6. Lols I admire your optimism/delusion I don’t know what half of that bet is more likely to happen p.s I hope this post comes back to bite me then it’s a win - win
  7. You are at least guaranteed to win on something whereas your philosophy means you could either win or lose only.
  8. I think the model works in the prem because you have the infrastructure to support the complexity of it I.e translators, 1-2-1 cultural integration teams etc we won’t even be able to communicate to them all never mind hoping they all settle in to English life and football...you can’t do it on a wafer thin budget imo
  9. But if they don’t do a post match report of the game it never happened right? We are such a shambles at the minute...
  10. Very true Livo... good content generates interest which generates income
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