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  1. Great result yesterday, amazing how a win can make my weekend. Interestingly the Carlisle commentators picked up on our weaknesses in the first half. Nice technical players but no one who wants to win second balls, put their foot in and do the dirty stuff. It's obvious and should have been addressed in January.
  2. There are plenty of managers who would improve our league position with this squad. One with a more slightly defensive mindset that could get us doing the basics properly such as having shape, continuity and everyone putting a shift in.
  3. I only got half way through reading this post, but you didn't read mine properly. I'd bench Bahamboula to allow Adams to play on his natural positon. Jombati is a right back and played well at Cambridge away. One game granted.
  4. Exposing myself here but I'd play Jombati at right back ( natural position and he's not let us down there) and push Adams into his natural position. Tranmere away saw us play without a ball winner and 3 luxury players who don't offer anything defensively in Bahamboula, Tasdemir and Mcaleny. Personally away from home I don't think we can set up in this way. I'd actually consider using Bahamboula off the bench away from home. Mcaleny would always start ahead of him. However what we know is Kewell doesn't think about shape, covering full backs and pressing from the front
  5. I'd actually give Barnes more game time. He's shown up well in his brief cameos for me.
  6. Please can we all stop referring to Jombati as 'Jambutty'.
  7. Because he wasn't really contributing anything? Mcaleny was in form and Grant had also notched so made sense to keep him on?
  8. Spot on. Goals we gave were unforgivable, but the first really highlights your point. Our wingers also offer zero defensive protection which is another factor amongst many as to why we concede so many.
  9. I found myself completely infuriated with him on Tuesday along with a few others. Does all the hard work for his chance then opts not to put his laces through it. He swanned round the pitch with what I can only summise, zero defensive responsibility. He's not a centre forward as he can't play with his back to goal. If we play him no. 10 I'm not sure we can play Mcaleny as well as he doesn't offer anything defensively or press from the front. I'd play him right wing as that's where he has been most successful and like Adams alluded to in his interview, remind him not to switch off and track bac
  10. Our last 3 matches that have yielded points have seen us play an actual ball winning midfielder, we should again tomorrow. Lawlor Fage Pidge Jameson Clarke Ntambe Whelan Mcalmont Mcaleny Rowe Dearnley Do these play out from the back? If so like Bolton we press high. Thoughts?
  11. The midfield getting the ball to the front men is the least of our worries. It's protecting the back 4 and keeping a clean sheet that's the problem. See the goals against column for factual proof.
  12. It's the stopping of crosses and balls into the box that we struggle with. Hamer needs a rest but we don't have anyone else!!
  13. Personally not a fan of Rowe but he needs to play with Mcaleny and Dearnley. Given the comments made by Kewell when Blackwood arrived and can only assume. He's not fit.
  14. Not sure why Hamer and Fage are getting a hard time. Thought they were ok, if unspectacular.
  15. I'm a big fan of Hamer, love his commitment, aerial ability and long throw ( it's not his fault that no one wanted to put there head in where it hurts the last few seasons). I think the main areas that let him down are the 3 most important one: Stopping crosses Positioning Crossing However at 20 there's plenty of time to improve.
  16. I've no idea Mick, you're right but I'd be amazed if he isn't the top earner.
  17. Completely.. My point being though that I'd expect a player of his pedigree to coach players through games, lead and be really vocal. Get a well organised back line etc. I'd expect him to improve players around him. I guess you'll just point to those players being beyond improvement as they're shit.
  18. Accepted re the goals point. The underlying point is though that he hasn't really justified his wage.
  19. Please could you provide me with some more stats around blocks, tackles etc, cheers.
  20. I make you right and agree. However I do think the main difference between the two of them is that Clarke used to drag us over the line in games by scoring, blocking one on the line, last ditch tackle etc. I haven't really seen that from Wheater.
  21. Danny Rowe playing holding midfield?
  22. Stats are deceptive. He has got a small amount of ability that is occasionally useful at this level.
  23. What are his strengths? Serious question. I got fed up of watching him half heartedly swan round today. We need a striker that wants to get in the box!
  24. This has been a theme all season. Wheater should be the first in there as captain. He isn't a leader at all.
  25. But surely we become compact when down to 10 and frustrate them? Don't capitulate! We had too many who simply downed tools last night.
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