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  1. I got arrested as a 17 year old at this match for jumping the fence and celebrating on the pitch, had to get a lift back with the Oldham police match team! and left my flag there which I never got back!!!
  2. Remember every now and again a group of people would go around the ground with a big sheet and everyone threw coins into it (pre buckets) for local charities, hanging off the chaddy railings as a child, (mid 80s you may have turned around to see the away fans coming in trying their luck with 5 mins to go) away at Bradford when a near riot broke out when some other teams fans (can’t remember who) came in our end when their game got called off and started abusing roger and our fans didn’t take it lightly. Huddersfield away at their old ground when 2 of their fans jumped over the fence and batter
  3. Things I remember from that game as well, getting the train from mumps (I’m sure it was snowing or there was snow on the ground), it broke down for a while, can’t recall if it was on the way there or the way back, a police escort from the station in Southampton getting dogs abuse from the locals and being packed in like sardines. I was 12/13 at the time and to this day it is still my favourite ever away game.
  4. The lot of them are self important twats. Absolutely ruining our club. please someone just say it how it is.
  5. I’m sure I’ve said it before on here but his display against Wigan away when we got beat 3-0 was the worst footballing display I have ever seen! He looked like a competition winner. Going off his Instagram page he’s mainly videoing himself training a lot and videoing himself whilst driving which isn’t the most sensible thing to do!
  6. Missed it if it’s been mentioned earlier but who else has he brought in if anyone as part of his backroom staff apart from mick priest?
  7. It shouldn’t have done but that really made my piss boil. Arseholes
  8. Why don’t you throw koukash into the arguement and see how popular he would be now..
  9. Il take Scholes if Nicky butt comes as a coach. Not overly excited by Scholes on his own but butt as a coach would be a good un.
  10. Has anybody actually been interviewed for the job.? Does anybody know.? Maybe Lee Sinnott could shed some light or is he too busy looking after the team? (wink wink)
  11. Pete wild now 1/6 on skybet. Someone know something we don’t???
  12. Missile all day. If fane ever gets back into this team he must have something on abdellah because that was some performance today.
  13. That’s what they said about that young lad Raheem Sterling at anfield when David Mellor had him in his pocket all match iirc. It was the rest of them that put us to the sword!
  14. I’m waiting 5/6 games in then il have a few quid on us reaching the playoffs. as I can’t see us lighting the league up early doors.
  15. Fair play on the effort to get this up and running by the fans for the fans but I’m surely not the only one who think the club should be doing this to further the match day experience. I used to love going in the Clayton arms and junior Latics lounge as a child and it made me want to go back season after season. I feel it needs to be done properly, in the ground with proper facilities for kids and adults alike. Screens showing Premier league games, something for the kids, pool tables, Xbox etc. I’m not privvy to who owns what and where when it comes to the new stand but surely AL would see th
  16. Did wellens bring him in? does the deal still go through as it was “in principle”? Has he signed on the dotted line? Will he have second thoughts?
  17. In front of the defence. A MAJOR upgrade on fane.
  18. Wellens probably doesn’t even know what side or formation he is putting out!!!
  19. You score 2 we’ll try and score 3 kind of team!!!
  20. Fane looked like he won a competition to play for us yesterday, terrible display. He has his lovers and his haters but he needs to be replaced with someone who can actually kick a ball straight. I feel for RW position as well, if he can’t see that Fane should have been replaced 30 mins in as he was getting the runaround then leaving him on for the 90 then it’s the end of the road for me. I can’t see him being our “gaffer” next season.
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