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  1. Tarky was captain for Burnley's cup game v Fulham. Dale Stephens also started
  2. I thought the same when I first saw the score. Google says his brother Mohamed was the scorer
  3. Oldham Aquatics is more of an advanced training scheme. Swimmers expected to go 4, 5 or 6 times a week depending upon the level they're at. Oldham Seals have three sessions a week and is fairly popular. I think ORCA, based at Royton, have more sessions but I'm not certain as they have recently got a new coach. Seals beat Orca by just four points in the last gala between them so I would say its much of a muchness. You could also consider Chadderton or Saddleworth
  4. Just got my ticket by ringing the ticket office. Seemed like they had a small amount left.
  5. Someone mentioned Cleverley earlier.Bradford got money each time he was loaned out apparently-http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/sportbcfc/9378381.Bradford_City_joint_chairman_Rhodes_finds_it_pays_to_be_on_the_ball/
  6. Jonathan Paul 'Jon' Macken has signed for Stockport
  7. Were Norwegian as I gave two a lift from Mumps. They come over about once a year apparently to watch English football. They told my mate they were watching us plus United-Liverpool today.On their last visit they went to watch Chester
  8. stockport,hyde or stalybridge away will do me. Stockport host Stalybridge in the next round
  9. I was there. The problem was the covers took 30 minutes to take off so by the time they had been sorted out it was raining again. Only 13 balls were bowled in the afternoon session because of it.
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