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  1. Condolences Jeff .....sending my best wishes.
  2. More than likely plenty of late arrivals then
  3. Surridge came into the 02 suite after the game and said he's available for the Fulham game, beyond that he never commented.
  4. 3/1 on skybet to finish top of this bunch : Latics Bury Tranmere Crewe Macclesfield Morecambe seems a reasonable bet to me.
  5. Ah right, cheers. I thought the price difference was strange.
  6. Is the £28 price for the shirts gone now? Can only see £39.99 on sports direct site.
  7. Again I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but enjoyed his balanced posts. RIP O4U
  8. No, but I'm not even sure why we were looking......not the kind of player we need IMO.
  9. O'grady is not what we need, we need someone with a knack of popping in the goals on a fairly regular basis. Now we have released Holloway why replace like for like??.......it's a no from me.
  10. A fans bar is long overdue and would be very welcome. Personally I find it strange that it's the fans who are having to push for this and that it's not a basic amenity in a brand new shiny stand provided by the club to attract supporters in earlier and much needed revenue. If it's the only way we can get one then i'm all for it, although knowing they could pull the plug at any given time is slightly worrying.
  11. As far as I know still 2 places left on this minibus if anyone is looking.
  12. Pretty impressive in my eyes compared to our home support. Over half the numbers we get at home travelling to support a team that has underachieved.
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