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  1. Brings to mind an old song: We can't win at home and we can't win away, we lost last week and we lost today, we don't give a f**k 'cause were all pissed up, we are the Oldham Booze Boys.
  2. any half wits who applauded the team off at full time: go and get your self assessed. it was Cambridge not Real Madrid. how much lower can we go?
  3. not sure if my Auckland based son comes on here but I'll pass this on to him
  4. Latics fans are on Sky's Soccer am tomorrow. hope my boy doesnt show me up. i can manage that all by myself on a Saturday.
  5. Cancelled my Vodaphone contract when they started sponsoring the scum.
  6. lad who went to watch training reports that cones and everything were set up but players never trained
  7. not guilty on that one. a bit over the top. and I quite like Gardner, apart from his final ball sometimes. it's obvious a lot of people don't aggre with my original post so I'll leave at that.
  8. what is his problem? seen him at it before . confiscating a beach ball, glaring at 16 year ods, sending an extra steward to watch 10 year olds in the family stand. get a life man!! a bully and a prick. we need to encourage young uns to come to latics not treat them as shit, and if he happens to read this, i sit in seat Y90 if he woud like to come and try to bully me and my mates.
  9. comment from Carlisle fans forum: "When I saw the team it seemed a curious decision to play Gerrard last night - even more so when I saw his physical state. 20 kg overweight? Against their forwards?"
  10. UNACCEPTABLE: that must rank as one of the worst performances ever from our once great club/ we are sinking into the abyss and us fans are seemingly sitting back and watching it happen, and to the happy clappers yesterday we are at the bottom of the 4th division. i wish i had some answers or suggestions on what we as fans can do about it , but i fear we are following Stockport County and it hurts.
  11. Is there any way of listening to game today apart from ifollow. its for my brother in Greece
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