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  1. A little subdued but kept his position well and played simple. He stroked a lovely raking ball over the full back's head from deep in his own half for the first goal.
  2. A fantastic season in Orient's history where no errors of judgement were made...
  3. Very similar sentiment from Wild as to whenever Philly had to take over but it touches on a point that worried me under Bunn in particular; our knowledge of the opposition. I'd be interested to know if we have anyone watching previous footage of the clubs we face and providing feedback to the coaching staff (or what's left of them) as we've setup in quite bizarre fashion several times this year with a very relaxed understanding of the opposition's strengths. That could just be a quirk of Frankie's but it's something that's relatively easy/cheap to address and work towards along wit
  4. I was a big fan of the fella taken out in the second half. Some mardy steward tried to get him kicked out for goading, so, as soon as the steward touched him, he hit the deck holding his face. Queue faux outrage from the rest of us. The policing outside was just bizarre and a waste of everyone's time but it's the kind of thing that will happen when conference sides get visits from sleeping giants () such as ourselves, Wrexham, and Swindon...
  5. If we're going down can we at least be interesting and hire some mad git from the continent. I'll kick things off with -Shota Arveladze -David Friio -Fabian Yantorno
  6. I'm not going in the hope that my decision somehow makes us good. I'll be back Saturday though so don't get carried away if we win.
  7. Re: Connor Hall A Bolton fan writes -------- Absolute goal machine. Got 25 last season and a hat-trick yesterday. Admittedly, he’s never started for the first team but he’s got massive promise. Hope you get him. -------- Welcome to the graveyard , Connor.
  8. Relatively balanced preview https://www.otbfootball.net/oldham-athletic-youre-not-league-one-forever/
  9. It was pretty abysmal. Show the goals in hd and at a push give us some manager's comments. We were the first side in League Two on but I imagine that had more to do with our illustrious opposition.
  10. Aren't circus owners quite capable of managing an array of erratic talent from different backgrounds? Bodes very well.
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