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  1. Think he made the NI piece up, he played in the Northern Premier League before their season was curtailed. also never played for Kilmarnock
  2. Yeah he had a good game, thought Garrity had his best game for us to date; we got the win the performance deserved
  3. Start of Karl trying to get the club to be better at comms, Bazza did look uncomfortable and a bit wooden but a start with the promise of more of these to provide fans with more info
  4. He is trying and using social media to interact, he said he is thick skinned and will need to be being on Twitter as it will attract more vitriolic content when we lose. i would advise him sometimes he just needs to back off from tweeting and responding to everything - maybe take it off line but carry on interacting with PTB, Trust and the Latics podcasts to reach that wider audience.
  5. The Joe Royce situation is the final straw for me, I didn’t nearly renew last season with the nonsense from last season, I crumbled and renewed for me and my lads. This season has gone from bad to worse and the football and the club have trampled on any enthusiasm my lads had to support the team which for me is tragic. The Farce with the JR stand standoff and the lack of any strategy and direction in the football side of things has meant I won’t be taking part in any early bird offer - so that’s 4 season tickets not being renewed now.
  6. Felt sorry for Stott, Hamer and Mills as they care and work hard, it has to be demoralising for them at the club with teammates who either are not up to it or just don’t care. Vera, my goodness, he was laughable, I thought he was going off after 20 mins when the coaching staff told Desire to warm up after Vera’s comedy header
  7. Looked good going forward? Not sure I would class a good run by branger and one by Fage as an enjoyable 2nd half. We were a dull lifeless team, Mouche was not interested and is never captain material in a million years. That was our first team and we were outplayed by Halifax. Looking at the collective, there is no team cohesiveness, a lack of leadership and a lack of desire to win. I feel for the likes of Hamer and Stott, who are young lads playing for their local club and will have a desire to play for their club. Stott is vocal and shows more than our captain in trying to lead but needs an older head alongside him to assist him. I think Mills probably thinks what the hell type of club have I joined and that he would probably have been better at Morecambe. We have to hope something clicks in that team and they play fo each other, otherwise it is going to be a bloody long and painful season.
  8. IT states it herehttps://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/may/31052019-v12-finance/ "The Early Bird period will finish on the 14th June when prices will then be increased." Though with no manager, few players and no sign of any progress as a club, I am still not persuaded to purchase a season ticket after having one for 20 years
  9. Or maybe he just doesn’t have a conscience? An accident wouldn’t result in him being told to train with the youth team.
  10. Yet we still won today and Gardner was part of that team that deserved to win today.
  11. Only N’Gala can play for Crawley tomorrow and he has been clubless. Maguire and Gambin are not in their squad tomorrow according to their website. Interesting to see if Morais has himself in the team tomorrow, as both he and his co-temp manger, captain Jimmy Smith have both been in the starting 11. You would think one of them would be on the sidelines.?
  12. So yes I remember the Chris Moore era and I remember the times we went through. In reality we are still on that rollercoaster ride. My initial post was to Leagueoneorevers post about you might as well get rid of the trust as they are no bloody use other than for bucket collecting (paraphrasing obviously). I was pointing if you did that you lose the fans voice and you no influence at all. There is a difference between asking a question to the trust and questioning the trust. Questioning a bunch of volunteers who are trying to genuinely make a difference and things better for a football club we all have a vested emotional interest for me is wrong, if you personally (a broad term not specifically you) are not prepared to do nothing positive and try and make a difference.
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