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  1. Retiring director Philippa Whittaker gives us an insight of the work she has been doing on behalf of us all
  2. I can see an OASF hat-trick in there. Finances, assets and golden share Fan Led Review of Football Governance: interim findings and recommendations - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) Last chance for fans to have their say. Survey closes today Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management
  3. Ooo I do love a bit of chocolate. We all have different skillsets. Most don't do social media so you get bombarded by me instead. Philippa is going to be a massive loss this year. Not just as our treasurer either. Me? I have another 2 yes officially. Oh deep joy...haha. I would love to get the strategy for fan ownership/majority ownership properly embedded. However, I am no spring chick anymore and not feeling great of late...who knows members may say stuff off too haha
  4. Same as last year its a two part members vote first part is do you accept each candidate - candidates have to gain majority of the members vote to be appointed second - if they get through, is a preferential vote. You put your candidates in your preferred order. This will determine length of service. Its going to be an interesting AGM
  5. Reminder members you have until. 6pm tonight to email in your candidate form if you are standing for election. 🗝 Essential vacancies to fill. Company secretary & treasurer. 7PM tonight to request a postal voting form. See Website . Document page for forms Thanks
  6. Reminder members you have until. 6pm tonight to email in your candidate form if you are standing for election. 🗝 Essential vacancies to fill. Company secretary & treasurer. 7PM tonight to request a postal voting form. See Website . Document page for forms Thanks
  7. Hi Currently, it is a member only event Easiest way is to email me your full name on hello@trustoldham.org I can then look at it or you thanks Tracy
  8. Hi my name is Tracy Wright and I am a director and membership secretary for OASF. Loveadmin is the membership system we use and they have an event page too You may remember when you registered you would have received an email from the system confirming that you were a member and your personal login account information. Members hold permissions to make changes to their personal data. However, if you are struggling to remember it, then please email hello@trustoldham.org with your full name and from the email you think you registered with loveadmin. I will then be able to help you further. I will be logging back into Loveadmin tomorrow Thanks Tracy
  9. OASF Quick board Summary
  10. That reminds me to chase up the council with regards to our fan representation on the SAG committee for BP How long does seeking outside legal advice take, when other supporters are on their SAG committees? And to escalate a FOI request to the commissioner too anyone done one of these? That can help? Thanks
  11. So it was...it was Harry. thanks Glossop
  12. I can see that neckline annoying the hell out of a few people. Myself included. Possibly the sleeves too I have a Lee Croft match worn shirt and he would cut that elasticated bit for a bit of room. Looks decent though Lets see if it passes the velcro test of how it pulls/fluffs
  13. I am sensing an I am Sparticus moment again, can't remember the name of the OWTB poster that B/O was trying to find a few seasons ago. Memory is shot who were they? Don't think they post on here anymore either
  14. personally being on the end of bullying in the workplace (and took it to grievance too). I had trade union support. I just wondering if player/PFA went down this route? I did not hear that they did. But it was heart-breaking to hear how he was made to feel and its impact. Sad
  15. Did I hear right that the PFA were involved? How effective were they then
  16. oooo really excited about tomorrows lucky dip prize
  17. Morning all I missed this update - sorry. FSA give evidence and our contribution to the proposals
  18. And OASF contribution too
  19. Dear all FSA have asked OASF to promote their survey. It is to ask fans for their thoughts on returning back into grounds. This will be shared with the EFL Here is the twitter link FSA fan survey Here is the direct link to FSA website and article Here is link direct to survey monkey Thanks
  20. Dear all Last night we approved our accounts, tonight we can announce our AGM date. Cheers
  21. Singe is right. We launched the strategy in April and ready for the May roll out of the lottery (we had applied for lottery licence and paid for Clubforce to kick off it in April. - delayed until May). We then rolled out the strategy to the PTB lads and they were interested in the Contingency fund but wanted some assurances first, who will be the 1895 guardians, financial stuff that goes whoosh over my tiny head (we would like one of the PTB to be involved too). So we went back to the FSA for some advice on it, but then the Fan Led review kicked in and all their staff was busy too. At eh same time, we we had just sourced a professional website and that has taken some discussions with a tentative launch Aug/Sept. It will take pledges direct similar set up to foundation of hearts. It is being created by a company who have experience working with the government on cyber security, data protection breaches etc....so it has to robust to meet those standards as it will be taking information. Philippa stands down at the AGM and has already given us her overview of what she think it should look like and being stretched like an elastic band, in the last two months to boot. Grenade juggling as I can it Now we are entering the AGM phase, which overrides everything really and again timing is off. However, we are mindful, that the website cannot be launched without all boxes being ticked and input by as many sources as we can. So we need to get this back on track ASAP. Cheers....I best log out as I am at work. On a side note, our OASF accounts were approved last night so we are in the timeframe to hold a July AGM within 6 months of the end of our financial year, more info to come out in next 48hrs - oh deep joy.
  22. Dear all Last week we announced our intentions to suspend membership tonight at 7pm. This was to give notice so people could join before we confirmed our AGM date. Here is an update. Cheers
  23. Cheers. I am worn out..literally with it all. Andy B, had an excellent idea and its stuck with me. That maybe we should not recruit a Rep that is from the OASF board or even a fan. That they should be a director with experience of board room grenade juggling and having company law knowledge first. Business first....Advertise it too. I really am now going to have to log out, I have forgotten to contact yesterdays lucky dip winner and singe may come after me....you don;t wanna see Singe angry. move over Hulk. haha Night all Edit: with Simon it took its toll on him too. Off memory we had lined up/ was about to line up a solicitor letter about his treatment. When the chair decide and intervention was needed. She recognised the signs of when someone is not ok and made him take a breather
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