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  1. Signed up. it's great to have something to contribute too after I lost confidence in playershare.....
  2. He's got to treat it like a cup game against @JohnnyPimphasn't he? Meanwhile, it's tight in those play offs spots isn't it Pete? Imagine how you'll feel if you miss out and @milnrow laticsescapes?
  3. It's about time we abolished the licence fee isn't it......
  4. It’s shit or bust to retain this title now. I’ve got to go all out.
  5. Nah. That's the brothers grim from half way round the world.....
  6. Have a look in the footage index and see if you've got anything that's missing..... would be best to start there I reckon.....?
  7. @unsworth blueI can convert that VHS into a digital file and upload it onto t'internet & include any missing footage in here:
  8. This is the most progressive comms to come out of Trust since its inception IMO. No Trust board or leader of the Trust has outlined a mission statement or strategy with as much clarity, thought and thoroughness before. We can nitpick if we want - for instance, I think the Trust should stay way from manager Q&A's, leave that to others - or we can take it at its word and judge 'Foundation Oldham' on it's behaviour - especially around fan representation on the board, Paul Hughes has to build confidence he's not in it just for himself, like some of his predecessors - from this poin
  9. All the 0-0’s above we’re 1-1, so they all did go to replays. One of the replays today has also ended a draw, and will need ruling on by the mods @Bristolatic @Stevie_J
  10. That's superb, I'll list all the missing games in the 1st post in this thread....
  11. Cheers. All updated in the original post. Anyone else knows of any that are missing, please let me know....
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