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  1. The point that is missed by some here is that the refusal to play was entirely symptomatic of his general performances in a Latics shirt. He had no interest in challenging for the ball and made a habit of arriving 2 seconds behind where the ball had just left. Any player should have a pride in their performance that was absolutely lacking in his. I don't personally have an issue with the cup 'refusal'...... but if Swansea gave him the all clear and he refused to play, Dunn should have thanked him for his efforts and terminated the loan agreement on the above grounds. He clearly ha
  2. Birmingham are certainly interested in JCH but are unsure what he has been doing on the bench recently at Rotherham. They also enquired about Wabara.
  3. Not remotely as good as he appeared to think he was.........as he appears to have found out as a free agent! Totally agree about the leadership comments at the back pre-Brian Wilson's return though!!
  4. It could just be a case of the penny dropping for Johnson. Whilst on loan he always had the safety blanket of being an Aston Villa player. He now represents Preston in League 1..... the only way he gets back up is playing himself out either with or without PNE. Certainly is a talented footballer, and it wouldn't surprise me to see him return up the ladder!!
  5. As an aside, the pitch in the picture above looks superb for this stage of the season! Kudos to the groundsman!!!
  6. FC United - Chorley was a massive game at that level - hence the attendance!
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