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  1. You can watch it on follow for a tenner. No VPN required.
  2. Cheers for that Kusunga, and the others who contributed
  3. Bastards, scored aswell! The legendary Branger
  4. Ok, so I think it was David May in the RRE...knew I recognised him
  5. Jack Byrne is better at his job than you...probably. Get him back in the team. I want us to win games
  6. RIP Dave, felt like I knew him through OWTB and reading his brilliant blog, really gutted. He handled it all so well.
  7. Ok fair one... he wasn't any shitter than anyone else
  8. Byrne put Doyle in about 4 times, he wasn't shit.
  9. 20k for participating. 10k for 1st round wins, 5k for draw 2nd round - 20k per win 3rd round - 40k per win Qf- 50k Runner up - 50k Winner-100k
  10. Every game that isn't broadcast live on sky/by sports, so probably every Oldham game!
  11. He did OK, looked knackered after an hour though. Holloway seemed to give up towards the end. By the looks of his tweet, the Ref not giving him anything all game demoralised him, and his head went down.
  12. Where is everyone for pretty match beers??? Bit quiet in town centre
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