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  1. Then why do it on here. Its rude and obnoxious.
  2. Would you correct someone you didnt know in the street on grammar?
  3. Ive known the lad for years who told myself and have no reason to doubt him. He has been correct on quite a lot of stuff before. People moan that others who know inside info dont pass it on and when it is passed on they do anything to doubt its authenticity . Toxic this board, no wonder nobody posts here anymore.
  4. alledgedly he is money laundering. How on earth would players like maouche get a 4k a week contract. He pays a percentage back to AL as do certain other players and in return gets in the team all the time earning an appearence bonus. Edit - this is what i have been told and is not an accusation from myself.
  5. Better side without really threatening. Branger has done okay.
  6. Not too arsed as we wouldnt of seen the money anyway.
  7. Shame whats happened with Fane. If it wasnt for the injury and other stuff I reckon he could of been a big player for is this year.
  8. They are desperate for a striker. Everyone seems to be turning them down.
  9. I would in a heartbeat. Better than what we already have.
  10. Richard askam said whem he asked he repied "nothing new to report".
  11. Someone on twitter saying it aint happening now. Not sure if its a wind up.
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