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  1. Thanks, it seems to have disappeared when I go to view this on the official site
  2. Why has his signing been taken off the official site
  3. I believe I drew England, please keep £10 for playershare
  4. one year options were taken on James Wilson, David Mellor, Genseric Kusunga and Carl Winchester. Read more at http://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/article/20140507-retained-list-1541282.aspx#FzmboP4ugIk4KcL9.99
  5. Watch the previous interview then select the baxter interview from the box that is displayed - worked for me
  6. I can't watch it either, can see the others but not this one
  7. Good for me too, had to download google chrome to get it though
  8. I've just complained to them again, its crap
  9. I contacted the people that run LP and they have asked me to download google chrome to make it work for match day commentary, i cant do that on my laptop as I dont have download permissions so I will have to unsubscribe, funny though its worked for 3 full seasons before
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