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  1. Ok - slight exaggeration - but anybody who watched the game would be a muppet to criticise his performance. He won the penalty, and had a hand in the other two goals. He was a class apart from any other player on the pitch.
  2. Strong, skilful, vision and pace. Didn’t put a foot wrong and every time he got the ball he looked a threat.
  3. Who was actually picking/managing this team and who was the guy who kept running down to Banide giving orders? De de de........
  4. Thanks Billy. I obviously fell through the net as no one contacted/emailed me. I have now spoken to Ashleigh who has confirmed alternative arrangements that do not include use of the North Stand facilities.
  5. I have been a season ticket holder for 30 years and a 100 club member since inception. I have attempted to find out information about what is happening to 100 club renewals for weeks. On each occasion I have telephoned the club I have been told they cannot update me. Last week I was told I would receive a call after a board meeting to update me. I didn't receive a call. I emailed the commercial department yesterday for clarification. No response. I tried to ring the commercial department today. No answer. I left a voicemail message. No reply. Frankly, the owners of the club need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask are they competent to run a business? If any other business treated its loyal customers like this they would fold pretty quickly. It does make you wonder whether they actually care.
  6. Dowie is the classic motivator and has as much chance as anybody in getting the best out of our existing squad
  7. Unless Montano commenced a claim in the Employment Tribunal within 3 months of his dismissal it is extremely unlikely he will be able to pursue a claim arising out of his dismissal in the Tribunal for unfair dismissal. The case law is fairly well settled in this area (I am an employment lawyer btw). Therefore arguments about the fairness of the procedure and his right to representation are pretty irrelevant. He can, however, pursue a claim in the County Court for breach of contract. The time limit for such claims is 6 years. This claim would be limited to unpaid wages and the remainder of his contract term.
  8. He is also out of time for pursuing a claim for unfair dismissal in the Employment Tribunal. The time limit is 3 months from the date of dismissal.
  9. Agreed Jim - but no one actually knows what happened except the parties involved - one of whom was apparently so drunk she could not remember anything.
  10. As I understand it, the whole prosecution case was based upon the premise that the lady was too drunk to give consent at the time the rape occurred. It matters not whether she agreed to go back to the hotel room. Her evidence was that she couldn't remember having sex with either footballer, because she was too drunk. What is puzling in this case is how the jury concluded (if they did) that she wasn't too drunk to give consent in respect of the first footballer but was too drunk in respect of the second, albeit it is not clear what findings the jury made as to the two footballers own states of mind. NB and for the avoidance of doubt - this is only my opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs!
  11. Davebuckley06 makes a good point when he states "Your (and the rest of the anti evans brigades) stance that the majority were against him signing for us is bewildering also. What evidence do you have to suggest that your with the majority? A vote on owtb's? The same vote that 200 or so people voted in out of well over 2000 members? That's not a majority. The anti evans brigade were louder, more forceful and used majorly under hand tactics . . . This does not make them a majority." I, like many others, canvassed the views of my colleagues on this issue. The vast majority believed Evans should be allowed to play. Then again - we are all solicitors!
  12. Crusoe - that was my point - the majority never had any interest in OAFC
  13. Let's hope the 60,000 who signed the petition each now pledge to put in £20 each to save our club ....
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