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  1. Isn't it 2 down this season? We need to hope someone like Scunthorpe are equally as bad.
  2. If we do manage to get the win it gives us a little bit of breathing space, it's hard to believe there are 3 or 4 worse clubs than us in the league but that seems to be the case. Just shows how bad the standard is in League Two.
  3. I assumed it was a 19:45 kick-off, so missed the first half! Doesn't sound like I missed much though.
  4. But definitely predictable, every game he makes a handful of changes, I don't think we've had two consecutive games with the same starting XI
  5. I wonder what Sean Dyche makes of all this, given his ridiculous comments about successful hedge-fund managers just a few weeks ago. A club like Burnley would surely suffer under this new structure and big-six monopoly.
  6. Perhaps now Salford have done it we will follow their lead and put Mo in charge...
  7. Selim Benachour waiting in the wings, he will be announced as the new gaffer on Monday.
  8. Yeah maybe I should've said Mo instead of Kewell...
  9. Seems like Kewell hasn't a clue what his starting XI is, changes every week. Why is Rowe on the bench again? Either he's clueless or he thinks he's the tinkerman Ranieri.
  10. Dearnley on for Bamboozler, I might switch off...
  11. Perhaps we could ask ifollow to add a "Mute Roy" button to the player.
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