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  1. They need a win regardless so I can't see them gaining any advantage from a delayed kick-off.
  2. Yep, if ever there's a game I wouldn't mind losing it's this one, just to get one over on Neville, Giggs and the rest of them.
  3. "You've either got to say 'no relegation from the EFL and, sorry, National League clubs can't come up' or maybe they can come up and four go down next year." Or maybe you can get fucked and accept you got relegated. Truly embarrassing from both clubs, I don't even think AL would have the front to try that one.
  4. Yes, I came here to say the same. I'd gladly see us lose next week just to ruin Salford's chance of promotion
  5. Goalkeeper's nowhere near good enough for this level, surely he'll be gone at the end of the season.
  6. To be fair it's more often than not only our commentary which isn't on, probably when Roy forgets to plug the mic in...
  7. Got the Mansfield commentary on, all you can here is Roy's phone ringing at full blast in the background
  8. It feels like we ask this question every close season, and the merry-go round of managers still continues. I'd have kept Kewell, but as KC is here then yes of course lets try and give a manager a full season for a change & see what he can do.
  9. And if one of those teams has to play Grimsby, then it would be even more unlikely. I've not bothered checking though because it ain't gonna happen.
  10. Burnley crying about this now, "Football is bigger than all of us and it's future can't be compromised by self-interest"... they weren't too concerned last year when EFL clubs were dying & Sean Dyche was on TV banging on about "Successful Hedge Fund Managers don't give money to the unsuccessful ones". Now they are piping up since they are the 'unsuccessful' ones and at risk of losing money. Bloody hypocrites.
  11. But they were worse than us last season, so what's caused them to be so much better? I'm guessing they have some stability which has allowed them to build instead of the constant revolving door we see at BP.
  12. I'm sure it will be claimed that he used a 'racial slur' and therefore deserved a headbutt.
  13. I wonder why this has become the norm in recent years, I don't remember hearing about this sort of thing happening so frequently in the 80's & 90's. What was the turning point that saw this influx of owners who don't seem to give a toss about the football club?
  14. I'll watch it but really, I'm not that interested at this point. Half the players will be gone next season, probably the 'Head Coach' as well. We're not going up, not going down... all in all it's a little bit pointless isn't it?
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