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  1. Lawlor doing his Jim Leighton impression there, shouldn't be getting done like that.
  2. I think the lads tied his shoelaces together before kick-off & he hasn't noticed yet.
  3. Definitely not, he falls over every time the ball comes near him
  4. It's unusual that we haven't been interrupted by Roy's Nokia 3310 yet!
  5. Honestly, the man's been in the job for just over half a season and people are already talking about getting rid & appointing someone else. How did Joe Royle's first 30 games go, or Alex Ferguson at Man United? The expectations on here at times really are ludicrous, stop the merry-go-round and give him at least two seasons to do something, then we can make a more informed decision about whether or not he's up to the job.
  6. I believe that stability can bring results in time. Switching to a whole new setup every 12 months, new players and new coaches is not the way to do it, as we've seen time and time again. It's all well and good saying we need better results, and perhaps a better manager, but lets be honest any good manager isn't going to want to come to Oldham and work for the Lemmies!
  7. Keep him, lets get some stability at the club which will only help us climb out of this division. Switching managers every five minutes does nothing but put us back to square one, as we've seen countless times since Lee Johnson left.
  8. Jombati is so bad I think we actually played better after he got sent-off! He should never play again.
  9. Fair play to the ref for standing up for himself, we've not seen a proper no nonsense referee since Collina.
  10. Made himself look a right plonker with that result hasn't he. We score three goals and lose the game thanks to his gung-ho approach of 'We'll score more than you'. Fix the defence and stop giving them two goals start and we might be a half-decent side with a chance of getting out of this division.
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