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  1. If we'd been aiming for it in L1 we wouldn't even be in L2 now, but the board were always happy to finish 17th. We should be aiming for automatic every season in the lower leagues, but the club has absolutely no ambition and hasn't for a long time. I'd say there's much more chance of us going down rather than up at this point.
  2. We haven't done that for at least a decade.
  3. Sounds to me like he took a bit of stick and decided to play the race card. Unless there's evidence of actual racism I'm going to assume these two have concocted this story to intimidate the fans and make them scared to confront our glorious leaders.
  4. I agree, at this level. But there's a big difference between ex-Prem defenders and ex-Conference defenders. I'd like to see the lad do well but jumping up two divisions is a big ask.
  5. Yes I think it was Paddy Kenny who confirmed Warnock just let him do whatever he wanted because he was banging goals in for fun & was better off away from the dressing room.
  6. I don't think he's a Championship player, at least not yet. He'd do well in League One but the Championship could prove to be a bridge too far for him, I'd expect top-class defenders to have him in their pocket in no time.
  7. I heard it was "Cut Throat Kenny's" Barber's shop in Royton. Probably a load of bollocks though!
  8. Looks like a Birmingham or Ipswich kit. To be fair though the new badge looks better than the original mock-up, I think I prefer it to the one we've had in recent years, very minimal.
  9. I don't know, that was verbatim from the Sky Sports 'ticker', it's not unusual for the news on there to be poorly worded.
  10. Sky Sports are reporting "Paul Butler steps down as Oldham assistant manager after agreeing role at club to be named next week" Not sure what that means, maybe he's the new Sporting Director!
  11. I've noticed the badge has been changed slightly to incorporate what some of us on here were saying they should have done, i.e. just change "125 years" to "Est 1895". Hopefully they've decided to go with this rather than those god awful designs they proposed last year:
  12. Yes I thought the same, I'm sure I've seen Tony Henry wearing it but couldn't find the photo.
  13. I'm sure I've seen that kit before, looks like it could've been a third kit.
  14. Maybe you're right, but it can't do any harm and it only takes a minute to fill it out.
  15. That whole North Stand conversation was absolutely ridiculous, I can't even comprehend how that has been allowed to drag on for over 12 months with nobody coming up with a solution. It seems peoples ego's are more important than actually opening the stand, it's truly an embarrassing situation for all involved.
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