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  1. To some extent I guess I do mean "No comparable country with a similar population has left the shared institutions, customs union and with a level of integration in such areas as security, intelligence, foreign policy and the fucking rest of it that we get with the EU" before, which I agree weakens my point. Your examples whilst somewhat relevant do not mirror a 21st century linked economy, JIT supply chains..etc.. whilst having a land boarder that will no longer have regulatory compliance that has a bit of a history of near civil war. History is a guide but doesn't present a roadmap.
  2. Great list of comparable situations! The close integration of the EU member states is exactly the same of colonised nations and the collapse of the USSR!
  3. In August 1998 I started work on the Royal Mail Y2K programme for the South East area, from north of London to Dover and about the same distance width wise, part of these 'preparations' as you put it. Memory is a bit hazy but over 8000+ desktop devices were replaced by the team that I led, some were replacing standard x86 desktops others replaced green-screen terminals that only accessed the mainframe which stored it's date in the DDMMYY format (Might have been MMDDYY, it was a US system?) and thus potentially affected by the millennium bug. This was a small part of the overall programme to mi
  4. Ok, so I'm to go in dry on the brothers, draw a smiley face on Barry, wipe me knob on the fleece and be round the Georgian by 8, 9ish? No, make it half 9, I'm not as young as I was, might need a bit of a run up
  5. Do I get to pick the order I do them in or do I have to finish on Barry?
  6. How about mindful vandalism? You can't beat some well planned and executed vandalism
  7. Sorry, I'm posting from the moon, I can just about make out who is in the picture from here
  8. Well it is Abdullah clearly signing Banide's replacement. This is only going to split the dressing room further.
  9. Come off it, we all know he's going to do his ligaments in the pre match warm up on Saturday
  10. He can save himself the run now, we haven't got anyone who can put in a decent corner. Good signing, experienced and due to players eating pasta and shite 32 is about 28 in old player years.
  11. If you don't eat 3 tins of bully beef before bed Dominic Raaaaaab will be hiding in the wardrobe!!!
  12. We can't be far off AL & Mo tweaking every slider they can find to search for anyone that's free, over 15 but under 40 and can use on of Gerrard's old socks as a shirt
  13. Are we all believing in Brexit enough yet? I think I had some extra can do spirit this morning on the bog but that might just have been wind. Still, there's the 28-month low against the dollar today so that means some of you just aren't trying to stop talking the country down. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49156403
  14. Now don't look at my posts for facts! I was hedging my bets, there used to be loan window after the cash money window closed.... God knows what the daft rules are these days. I'm available on a free, could do a job at the back even if it's just getting in the way of the ball occasionally, which would instantly promote me above some of the eejits we've tried to play there recently. Now we've had the facts, league kicks off on Saturday and (hang-on, just had a text from an unknown number asking me to come in for a trial) we look thin on the ground in all positions, are we
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