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  1. I know Pete and he has nothing but compliments to say about the owner
  2. If he's got his coaching badge and already knows the players well, why should he be nowhere near?
  3. That's a load of bollocks. Loads of people know Wildy, he's Oldham through and through and one of the soundest lads you'll ever meet.
  4. It was hard to tell because most of the goal line is missing
  5. Did anyone else see when he deliberately kicked the ball into The Chaddy when it was a goal kick midway through the first half? It worked though because the ball boy took so long to retrieve it, Peter Clarke was about to go and get it instead.
  6. I got nicked there before the game in 2005 and didn't get let out until 10pm. What a shite day.
  7. I remember Peter Clarke gave the impression after Placide's debut that he couldn't speak English, because he mentioned after full time he said 'magnifique' to Johnny and got a smile and a nod in return. Then again he probably couldn't understand Peter Clarke trying to talk French.
  8. He was probably out on it with them, the scruffy cunt.
  9. I watched him for 5 minutes give the wanker sign to the MK Dons fans after we scored the first goal yesterday. The people he was doing it to were just normal fans trying to watch the game. He's an embarrassment to the club considering he's appeared in the local press to highlight how big of a fan he's meant to be.
  10. It must of been mint supporting Latics between 1913 to 1915.
  11. I couldn't understand why people were going ballistic over it. It looked to me that Wilson just took one for the team. He shoulder barged him from behind, it was a blatant penalty.
  12. I wonder if he was our 5th penalty taker?? I doubt it.
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