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  1. mo was involved in the recruitment.however kewell made it claer that always had the final say.
  2. latics 22.bam singed a contract which included a one year option.the option is is favour of the club.he is committed to it,but yes he could be sold before 31 aug.
  3. tommy wright.his dad olayed for latics i 1950s.ben futcherson of paul.
  4. i have supported latics actively for 60 yrsiin that time missed only 25 home matches-sickness.weddings funerals and greame sharp.there have beensome good keepers and bad.my top choice is david best.worse,maurice short.on 10 sept 1966 v middleboro away,best played the finest keeper performance of a latcs keeper imo.billy johnston had his ankle broken that day by a gorilla mamed dickie roots.but for that injury to johnston latics would have been promoted.anyone of a certain age remember.
  5. wydle wansnt a direct replacement for stainrod but frizz had a few quid in fe 1980.
  6. littlemoor lad -no.it was roger £70 k from city.
  7. dave og-no alan young went to leister in summer of 1979.the first tribunal move for £250k.a deal was agreed with man ciiy .young didnt beleive -frizz was on holiday.
  8. milnrow latics.no.wylde and stainrod played in same team.roger was signed i feb 1980
  9. in early 1979 frizz was reshaping his squad.we were sad to lose taylor but his replacement was simon stainrod for £65k.he was sold in no v1980 to qpr for £280k.stainrods repcement was........?
  10. joep-thanks for reply.you will receive a first!thaking another prozac.
  11. memoires latics pete.that was the third season of real struggle.latics finished 21st and 23 in the previous two seasns.i went to stockoprt on this w/e in 1960.latics won 1-0,corner headed from john liddell.a policeman told me we had signed bobby johnstone.yes we need something similiar
  12. apologies,the security bloke told me it was 0-0.i assume we are still playing lincoln on sat
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