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  1. lee sinnott.is GEs transfer to this unamed clud for more than we got for him.otherwise add-ons dont kick in
  2. latics 22.it looks a smart idea.cant see it happening ,the efl will read it has away to get round the mbarbargo.
  3. jack williams is shown on ist team website-he is stiill a trainee-my previous post refers.22 was confirmed by curle in oldham times.agree with comments about diarra/badan.they may go before end of august,more likely jan.
  4. as of today we only have 3 player slots available.the embargo is restricting to 22 playsers.current calculatons include bambi and. vaughan.jack williams is shown on ist team website.due to injury he has been given a 3rd yr trainnee contract.should he progress and gets into the ist team sqaud he will still be classed as a trainee.
  5. ifyou remember the ceo in a mtg wit ptb indicated that 2 players would only come on 1yr contracts to put themselves in the shop window.short of putting a gun to their heads it was always maelneys intenton.isuspect the other wascbj.
  6. i was 70yds away.due to owdumers chilsdish comments-no more info.
  7. mick22.yes me.my flat over looks training centre.had a peep yesterday subject to covid rules.saw a trailest 2nd keep,6ft with bun.looks french .
  8. at this point in time no evidence latics offered joyce a deal.curle said informal talks had taken place.for the record ihave no evidence that joyce refused latics.
  9. latics22.robinson started into july with only 4 players.he had to bring in players pdq.the difference now is robinson got 3rd /4th picks.curle has signed 1st/2nd picks.ie assuming better players.
  10. researched-from 12/01/2021 must self isolate for 10 days.i hope this helps
  11. rumours said curle would formally this week.in a PTB intv with ceo it was reported that AL was in dubai with his family during the holy month of ramadan.would expect him to return soon.surely ALwants a presser and phptpshoot.
  12. mo was involved in the recruitment.however kewell made it claer that always had the final say.
  13. latics 22.bam singed a contract which included a one year option.the option is is favour of the club.he is committed to it,but yes he could be sold before 31 aug.
  14. tommy wright.his dad olayed for latics i 1950s.ben futcherson of paul.
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