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  1. I think Hull may have got too big for him to run. Just like Ridsdale at Leeds and Mandric at Portsmouth. I think we are the type of club for someone like him to take forward to the championship for the opportunity of bigger investors. One can dream.
  2. I don't think this will happen. As been mentioned on this forum earlier, Blitz and Ganzal will put us into administration due to late rental payment. Because the regime is running out of money from all the people they have pissed off in the past. Blitz has already gone record through many media outlets that he can fund the club until new owners are found. The fact that Al doesn't own any infrastructure or assets is a blessing in disguise. So we can starve the regime of money, to force his hand and not the club's.
  3. That's a very good and valid point. That's why I think boycotting could be the way to go. Because it hurts the lemmies and the people we want out. Rather than the club as a whole. It could make the club better in the long run.
  4. I don't understand what these clowns are getting from this? Because what they are doing is not working, costing them more money, especially as they have no assets to fall back on. On the bright side I don't think and I hope they won't be around for too much longer. Because they are losing fans at a rapid rate. Meaning they have to put more of their money in, to cover the losses. Which may mean they will run out of money sooner rather than later. Or if the rumours on Twitter are to be believed they are becoming disillusioned with season ticket sales and will be looking for a way out. Going for
  5. Is it me or ever since the chuckle brother's showed up, we've been playing this non attacking 1 up front nonsense?
  6. Do you have the whole fan's forum video? Maybe send it to the new MD?
  7. I think we need to look at the damage the sporting dictator is doing to the club.
  8. Works both ways. The team firstly needs to play as though they actually give a shit about the shirt and the fans. Then the fans will come together behind the team.
  9. Hopefully we won't do anything stupid regarding any sell on clause. Like we did with the last defender we sold to Brentford.
  10. Probably not. But they dropped the ball with regards to Bury and lack of oversight. So they were bound to make an example of the next financially unstable club. As a warning to all the other chancer owners in the efl.
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