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  1. I was beginning to wonder if mick multiple accounts was on here or the leader of the realistic bunch for a minute.
  2. Under the current bunch of clowns we could also be history in matter of weeks.
  3. That's has been my point all the long. That's is why I don't fear administration. The sooner it happens the better. Yes we will have a points deduction but we will still have games left to catch up. As mentioned earlier the administrator will take the club immediately out Al and Mo's hands. Probably run it better than them. Sell the club at a realistic price and to someone who's plan is in the interests of the club. Not the interests of the owner, as it would if Al was selling it.
  4. I think if he's determined to hang on under the promise of improvement. Then that needs to come with the condition that his brother goes. But like a lot of fans I am of the belief that it is past the point of no return. That he needs to cut his losses and sell up. I don't think Mo will give up what he sees as his precious little vanity toy so easily.
  5. There's no place for and should be absolute zero tolerance to racism. I am not saying it didn't happen. But it just seems a funny coincidence that whenever there's bad publicity towards the owners. There tends to be a statement regarding a racist incident. Anthony Gerrard. The sponsors fall out. Fan's confrontation with Mo. The protests and talksport. Then we don't here anything after that or they are found to be unproven.
  6. Nailed it! Along with that they both do promo work for the betting companies. They both piss in the same pot. Don't get me started on Jim White!
  7. Barry, is the threat of administration by Blitz still there, if the club falls behind or miss any payments on the facilities that Blitz owns?
  8. I see your cheese and onion pie and raise you a steak and kidney or chicken balti pie.
  9. Judging by this tweet, it's good to see other fans are of a similar mindset to my earlier comment regarding Mo. He is a cancer at the club and needs to be removed.
  10. I think you're right that we need to do a variety of things. Rather than an out and out boycott. That would be one of the nuclear options. People need to be eased in or worked up to that. Maybe pick and choose which home games to boycott and which home games for pitch and outside Main Stand protest. One thing I have noticed with Mo, who is the route of the problem, is that he really isn't a people's person, putting it politely. Judging how little regard and engagement with fans. He doesn't like being questioned or confronted. I would look at ways to make it uncomfortable for him, so he can't avoid the fans. I would be interested to know if the club is managing to pay the rent on the North stand? Because if they fall behind with that, the threat of administration could be back on.
  11. Only teasing about the Fold Green part, I did live there when I was a kid. But I now live in Nova Scotia. You're right, it's a beautiful country and I think Canada's East coast where I live, is one its best kept secrets. Because it doesn't get the publicity that Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and The Rockies get. Regarding the club the fans need to unite behind some form of meaningful action, that the majority agrees on.
  12. To those who invaded the pitch I salute you! The athleticos showing the rest of the fanbase how it should be done. Especially the happy clappers and those who sit on their ass only to moan about the situation. The fact that the younger fans, who could easily walk away and support the big clubs. Are the ones who are putting up the biggest protest/fight for the club. To the steward who tried to kick a kid, you're a complete , your parents must be so proud of you.
  13. I take your point about them having complete disregard for the fans. Especially Mo. I believe he's the real owner not Al. Al's the owner to get past the EFL. We just can't sit and moan about it. A united form of action needs to be taken. Whether it's boycotting, protesting or generally making life difficult for them at Oldham. I agree. Ideally to quote Kieran Maguire, a benevolent dictator style ownership would be the dream. In the meantime it needs for fans to look at taking more control of the club. Unfortunately right now the only thing in and out the shadows is Mo. 1) My stance, is that I won't be putting any money directly to the club until the current ownership are gone. I will do what I can to help in any meaningful action against the clubs current situation. 2) I've become a member of the trust, play the @OASF1895 Lottery, took part in all the @PushTheBoundaryinitiatives and have exchanged ideas with @BPAS and @lookersstandandy. I have also not put any money in the club since Dino was sacked. Whats your stance ? What are you going to do ? I didn't take it as a cheap shot. But for all you know, I could be a Canadian living off Fold Green. But I have heard enough podcasts to know that fans can take meaningful action if the will is there amongst the fans. Our situation isn't uniquely to Oldham. Where there's a will there's a way.
  14. Question to the fanbase what are you all going to do about it? Because the only people I see looking to do anything about our predicament is @BPAS, @lookersstandandy, the newest members of the trust foundation and @PushTheBoundary. As a fanbase we are the biggest doormats in the EFL, right now. Where for the last 25 years the fanbase have been happy clapping like seals, being grateful for little oldham bills being paid, devoid of any ambition. While the bad owners and managers have been screwing us over. And we continue to bend over and be screwed even worse by this current regime. Anybody who wants ambition for the club, gets happy clapped away. Hence the low attendances. What will it take for what's left of the fanbase to realize that enough is enough? When are you going to do something about it? You all moan a good protest, but you're still giving these Charlatans your money.
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