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  1. I am also currently binge listening to this podcast. It's brilliant, hilarious and reminds me of how great the nineties were.
  2. This for me is where the problem lies at the club! You have this so called sporting director who affects 90% of what goes on with the club! Lurks in the background with no accountability for his actions and has complete disregard for the fans!
  3. My Dad was a big fan of Alan Groves. I was fortunate to start watching them 3 years prior to the pinch me years.
  4. Rick Holden was the greatest crosser and passer of the ball. In the club's history period.
  5. The rest of the football world still has this match at halftime!
  6. While the club shoots itself in the foot in the process.
  7. The reason for this, is that it is happening far too often with this ownership, for it not be the players fault.
  8. I would have Wheater and Pidge. Then push Clarke into a midfield role.
  9. Really needs to figure out a plan/tactic for home games. I think a few happy clappers were getting carried away, regarding talk of promotion. Along with a deluded owner on talk of promotion, especially seeing as he is too stubborn to allow Kewell to have all the better players available to pick. That may of helped with our defence problems.
  10. Glad of the win. Despite the lack of the clean sheet. Would like to watch them online. But that would break my boycott of the Lemsagams. Onwards and upwards.
  11. Perhaps it's time that Mo rein in on his team selection interference and give the coach space to try and build something.
  12. So we won't be getting that experienced spine in the team, that everyone knows would give us a chance to get out of this league. He's a fucking deluded ass clown!
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