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  1. If you're on the Victoria line towards Vauxhall and time runs out for the 11:22 train, stay on for one more stop until Stockwell for your taxi - it's a straight route down the A3 from there towards the ground and should minimise your chances of getting stuck in traffic. Also, ensure you have necessary ticket for the underground in advance (e.g. Oyster card) - the last thing you wanna do is queue for a ticket in Euston station!
  2. Running a bit late, which train is the mob getting from the secret pub to the ground?
  3. Can't you do something to ensure their knot-tying ceremony just does not happen on this date? Sabotage the venue, kidnap the vicar, find/fabricate evidence questioning their faith, have an affair with the bride, have an affair with the groom. Anything. Disclaimer: your own marriage may be at risk if you actually do some of these.
  4. Plenty of local non-league games to choose from instead. Mossley v Glossop North End Curzon Ashton v Stalybridge Ashton United v Hyde Of course each of these may be subject to postponement too!
  5. I'm suffering from a similar affliction that day too. I don't wanna talk about it
  6. That is unreasonably late for him. I'll see if he's got room on the way back. Are you going yourself, Mr Leaflet?
  7. Well, I work close to Paddington and I'm so stinking rich the £62 peak-rate ticket for an hour's train ride is of little deterrent. I may take some coppers to throw at homeless people on my way to the station. Someone at Gillingham was talking of driving it but I can't remember who.
  8. Anyone feeling foolish enough to do this on Tuesday???
  9. I swear it never used to take an hour and a bloody half to get to Gillingham from London. I'll aim for the same train, looking forward to beating you all at pool.
  10. Does this mean you're coming after all?
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