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  1. I remember as a kid, when Latics were in League Division 4, asking my dad if Latics would ever get into League Division 1! His look said it all and the possibility seemed as unlikely as playing on the moon. You never know!
  2. Well it's clear that Shez wants the play offs - who knows where we'll finish but I would be very surprised if we scrapping for survival again!
  3. I'm sure we'll battle to the end but two things concern me - our injury situation and Cassidy. But this is the hand we've been dealt. Like many have already said, the Fleetwood is a must not lose game!
  4. A bit rich coming from Warnock. I remember his antics at Brentford when he was our manager - I felt ashamed!
  5. He did say he was from Oldham, Lancashire!
  6. Our set pieces and crosses were abysmal. And brings no Croft on in centre midfield? Very odd!
  7. Our strikers are incapable of hitting the net - our good run has come from goals from midfield. If we had a goalscorer in our team then I'd be optimistic but we haven't.
  8. Look at the scoring records for our strikers with different clubs - not expecting any of them to improve on that. We're going down.
  9. Losing is one thing - shipping three goals without reply is another. Goal difference is important where we are. Still don't think any of our strikers will score five goals before the end of the season. Teams around us are banging them in. Expecting relegation.
  10. Would you bet on any of our strikers scoring five goals between now and the end of the season?
  11. The goals are going to have to come from midfield. Compare our strikers with those that play from the teams around us - and with Coleman having a wobble - something must change!
  12. Unfortunately, as promising as Coleman is - and he is - this the third match on the run that he his mistakes have gifted the opposition a goal. This is costing us points - as is the inability of our strikers to hit the target.
  13. I think you may have missed Millwall away for Latics penultimate match of the season.
  14. Six points from the next two home games will make a big difference.
  15. Forte was limping at the end of Saturday's game - I expect us to play one upfront and have a more compact midfield. I'd take a point.
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