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  1. So the lack of any leadership is fine? Are you also negotiating brexit?
  2. The top of the Trust website (when amended) will look good. Vacant - Chair Darren Ratcliffe - Vice Char, Secretary Vacant - Vice Chair Vacant - Board Rep Vacant - Treasurer So is it the club or the Trust that is in crisis? (or both?!)
  3. Err. No. Not at all. Just because you like to be Mr negativity doesn't mean you are correct in your assertions. We lost three of our last sixteen games. A losing percentage of 18.75%. That is a better percentage than any of the four teams that finished in the playoffs. Wellens fucked it by playing players out of position and not pushing on to win games. Nothing to do with August last year. Even with that said, there were fine margins and hair pulls in the mix. Penalties that should have been and dick head left backs who should have known better.
  4. Hows about we wait and see who is appointed to replace Moisley? Personally, it's the close-season. Players are not due back for another two weeks or more. We have a manager in place, AL is working his way through the back office staff to weed out people who don't fit. If something isn't forthcoming by the first week of July, I'll be more worried.
  5. CLUB STATEMENT The club wishes to inform fans that www.oldhamathletic.co.uk remains the club website for today.
  6. CLUB STATEMENT Following our statement earlier today (13th June 10:54), the club wishes to clarify that the pitch will NOT be roated by 90 degrees and the North Stand will NOT be demolished.
  7. TRUST STATEMENT The Trust is pleased the club is keeping with the status quo and offers its full support to the clubs current line of action.
  8. CLUB STATEMENT Oldham Athletic are pleased to annouce that today (Wednesday 13th June) the club will NOT be moving to a new football stadium. A further update confirming tomorrow's approach will be issued in due course.
  9. I heard the club put a stationary order through last week.
  10. Or just quote the whole fucking thing so it is there twice
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