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  1. No feel sorry for some of them players most of them haven’t got the ability to compete at this level, some of them did try yesterday, but it’s not there fault they have been put in this position by the owner who’s signing them. On top of that you’ve got a forgien coach who hasent a clue how to coach them or has a system to get results in this league and a captain in Moauche who dosent say word and just sulks when things don’t go his way, Anger should be aimed at Abdullah and the board, really hoping this FLG can come through and we can get some unity back in the club because at the minute there is no hope with this current ownership it’s a slow sinking ship.
  2. Yeovil were a disgusting team that was obviously there game plan from the start, kick us, pull us down and the ref let them get away with it, glad we put 4 past them. Good start for Scholes the players played with confidence and looked to attack at every opportunity. Baxter was brilliant first half got stuck in as well chasing back and took his goal really well hopefully Scholes can get the best out of him now. My MOM was Branger - Engone he had it all tonight, strength, skill and pace and worked so hard Yeovil couldn’t deal with him so they resorted to kicking him down, another assist for him looking like he could become a good talent. Edmundson, Missilou and Lang had great games. George is turning into a real talent can see us getting a very decent fee for him. All in all a very convincing 3pts and all quality goals hopefully we can follow it up on Saturday in front of a decent crowd !
  3. Got a Steve Evans feel about this, hope Im wrong but can see us getting stung once again,
  4. Scholes would be huge for the club especially if Nicky Butt is his assistant good reputation at United as youth manager, I’d be amazed if we’d managed to pull that off, Id be happy with a Scholes/Wild team
  5. Was always going to be a tricky game that after what happened Sunday always difficult to come back to normality after the high the players had against Fulham. Forest Green best away side in the division decent manager and play good football, yes we got lucky they tore us apart first half but we were showing glimpses that we were still dangerous on the counter. They didn’t take there chances and at HT Pete Wild changed the system with O Grady coming off for Hunt and it worked as we were the better side second half, we created some good chances with some nice play, but the final ball was wrong option every time. Edmunson was our best player I think clubs will be definitely looking at him now. Sylla seemed to settle into the game as it progressed, early days for him yet with it being his first game in English football. Baxter had a golden chance at the end to win it but lacked the composure to finish it. All in all a decent point IF we beat Macc next week, hopefully another decent following will spur us on to win, but won’t be easy Campbell has made them tough to beat. We bought ourselves another week with this result to hopefully get a couple in a striker is priority as we lacked any threat up there yesterday, and defiantly need a CB as no cover unless they recall Stott who’s doing well at Stockport. Also hopefully some more clarity on the manager situation we need to make the right decision as there is still a good chance of sneaking a playoff place.
  6. Missilou was our best player all over the show he is an upgrade on fane because he can actually pass but the whole team we’re brill everyone put a shift in Clarke close second some great blocks and clearances
  7. I’d love Paul Hurst but probably no chance of him wanting to come here
  8. So this is what our problem is, look at our away form it’s excellent we get good numbers to away games and the support is always fantastic the team preforms and gets us results. Our home form is abysmal has been for a long time, it’s due to a mix of teams coming here with the same game plan week on week nicking a goal and putting every man behind the ball what happens next ? The negative energy starts brewing again from a number of people, moans and groans every single time there’s a misplaced pass or a wrong decision made by a player this transmits to the players on the pitch no matter wich team we put out or whichever manager is stood on the touch line, when the fans get behind the team they perk up its not hard to see. Then the boos at FT after a loss is just so demoralising to the team it all adds to a poor mentality at the next home game they will remember it. Something needs to change at BP it could be something as little as changing the home end back to The Chaddy wich would generate more noise, you can barely here the singing in the RRE, but also the negative individuals need to start getting behind the team at home if we could recreate the away atmosphere at home we’d be a lot better off it can’t be just a coincidence can it ?
  9. I put Clarke at fault for the third should of cleared it row Z but dident, Edmunson was our best defender today, Lang mistake was what lead to the first and think Taylor was at fault for the second, George defended well and looked calm on the ball bringing it out of defence, even showed some nice skill at times, think he’s been excellent so far this season
  10. Edmunson quality again today been class for weeks turning into a very very good player
  11. Iverson Hunt. Clarke. Edmunson. Taylor Nepo Gardener. Branger Baxter Surridge. O Grady
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