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  1. DKD is taking a lot of stick (rightly) for his early season performances which weren't even pub league standard at times. Credit to him, HK and the coaching staff. He could have let his head go when he was dropped after a few games but he has redoubled his efforts and he's starting to look a player imo. Whelan is a tricky one, but I'd echo BP's thoughts, as given time on the ball he's a tidy player with bags of energy, which he showed against Bolton away. Sadly you don't get that time in league 2 against most teams. The centre of midfield is a war of attrition at times particularly over winter and when the pitches turn to bobbly dust bowls. CBJ I like as he has an eye for a pass and a good cross on him. It's his defensive attributes that are letting him down and as others have said, his concentration. Possibly the games just too slow for him at lower league level? Thats perhaps were he needs to learn how to make it interesting for himself, starting moves off, triggering attacks etc. hopefully that comes with confidence and playing games.
  2. Thanks for double checking Bristol. I’ll stick to laptop predictions from now on, as they’ve always gone through no problems. Thankfully I haven’t missed out on points as my prediction from memory was well wrong lol.
  3. Annoying definitely posted a prediction. Did it from my iPhone so must be falling foul of the script/cookies issue. When I’ve used my laptop it’s gone through correctly.
  4. You can sign up for a month only. I did email BT's complaints dept to see if they might offer a day pass or trial period but they weren't for having it sadly (never hurts to try lol). Should be opened up really considering we can't go to the game or to the pub. It's like buying a chair and being forced to buy the 3 piece suite too.
  5. Damn thought I had McAleny to score and 2-2 as final score? Must have been a drunken update lol
  6. The heady heights of 10th, what a time to be alive!
  7. I don’t know why the have him down as a striker. In every clip I’ve seen of him he is playing central midfield. I’m expecting more sylla than azankpo from this guy
  8. for anyone interested: https://www.efl.com/news/2020/september/official-efl-podcast-were-back-up-and-running/
  9. I think a fair chunk of that £250k will have been paid for by selling that young striker to Brighton. Would be nice to be wrong and AL actually is getting the house in order.
  10. Emmerson is a first year scholar (made first team debut at 15!). He's the lad brighton are after. Thought McKinney had a bit about him, Glad they've given Gaskell a 6 week extension hopefully to hove a look at over pre-season. Would not surprise me to see us go and pick one or two back up in august if they put a shift in over the summer or have a growth spurt. We got Kielen Adams back in after releasing him, though that may have been a panic as the Rowe deal went tits up last minute in the summer by all accounts.
  11. I don't know what Wilson has done wrong. If Dino insists on having us defend for long periods of time we could do worse than have Rowe and Wilson up top together.
  12. Whats the definition of signing a player? Is it the identification of the player, the negotiation with the player/selling club or the contract signature or all 3? I suspect Dino+scouts (including ML), then AL+ML, then Dino+AL+ML Does Dino get final say I think is the important question. Him hopefully having taken into account the impact a particular player will have on his budget and whether that player is worth the gamble.
  13. Stotts been injured with hamstring I think. There aren't many left sided centre halves knocking about. I'd keep him but then I've always rated him.
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