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  1. Can't wait to see Mi Long Kok playing with Slop Pee Fan Nee.
  2. He "fell over" the hoardings and onto the pitch. It was all sorted out until some knobhead copper decided to come flying in like Rambo and make a mess of it.
  3. Do you think that these are the same ST holders that DEMAND 2 tickets for every half decent cup game.
  4. Does any one know if there are any spaces left on the junction inn or blue bell coaches? I need 4 seats.
  5. The match was broadcast live on talk site as well. Surely a fee from that as well.
  6. A very well thought out post,however you need to stick to delivering papers.
  7. This rather desperate tactic is something you will see every week in every division of football. What would you have done differently?
  8. No,I am not blind.You have seen the same game of football that I have.He did not play well today so you would be foolish to try to try and convince otherwise.As for falling apart,we were chasing the game.Sometimes it works,sometimes it doesn't.Today it didn't.
  9. He was crap today.Didn't make a single pass in the first half.
  10. So are you saying they don't need anymore then?
  11. We should also get email addresses off the non ST holders for further marketing opportunities,but probably won't.
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