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  1. If Wellens hadn't packed off to Bury we would still be div 1 it was weirdest thing
  2. Agreed we all know we would have been in the play offs now if PW had not been ousted but we have to keep level heads and aim to finish season on a high.
  3. Just proves the widom of Wellens to let Clarkey go to bury when we needed him what a clown
  4. i follow did its usual today and stopped broadcasting but the match updates kept going so l just read those.# Made interesting reading when you cant hear the commentary, attempt missed, attempt missed, attempt missed, attempt missed, attempt missed.
  5. Clarke should never have been sent to Bury l think that cost us league 1 status
  6. And letting Clarke go ah well all academic now
  7. Totally agree we could have re signed Rippers but the idiocy of the then management didnt
  8. does the club receive any parachute payments this season like premiership clubs do if relegated ???
  9. Sending Clarke back sealed our fate as far as l am concerned
  10. We now have the division of death, as its fondly known !!
  11. didn't know that hope he iOS feeling proud of himself today
  12. glad it wasn't just me !! Roy butterworth not been happy with them all season.
  13. Set up for most important game season started all so well when we scored, then it went off for penalty, then went off for next goal , stayed on for Hamers goal then off again for last 5 minutes of the match. Bank opens tues and l player cancelled for good, it`s not l begrudge 4.99 a month just can't stand frustration.
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