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  1. I missed this last month. Gary Woods extends stay Woods staying at Aberdeen until the end of the season. Which is the end of his contract with us as well.
  2. Exactly. Nothing new to fans - well, at least the “non-realistic” fans - but any light shone from the outside world is welcome.
  3. https://theathletic.com/2351449/2021/01/29/special-report-oldham-athletic-notes-toxic/ A very good, if depressing, summary of the state we’re in. It’s behind a paywall unfortunately but if you have a subscription or can get a free trial the football writing at The Athletic is very good (though not much below the Championship, sadly).
  4. Yeah it’s this, he’s extended his loan. Prime wrong-end-of-the-stick rumour, this thread.
  5. Wait. DMaarms has driven to Lee Barnard’s Castle? Did I get that right?
  6. Williams is a second year scholar I think. No idea why he hasn’t appeared since then.
  7. There’s some faint irony in our constant churn of players, each holding up OLDHAM VENDING SERVICES. Perhaps the new name for a player agency, if anyone was interested in that sort of thing...
  8. I think it’s much harder to be a club legend these days. Shorter tenures thanks to freedom of contract, the all-seeing eye and echo chamber of 24/7 media and social media presence, etc. I’m going a bit BP1960 here (sorry, don’t mean to be rude) but I kind of miss the late 90s/early 00s days of only hearing about players in the Chron online or Teamtalk.
  9. Agreed on Borthwick-Jackson. He just looked average, like he’d given up on fighting to get his career back to a higher level. Not awful, just run-of-the-mill. Fage played well as an individual but – with the notable exception of his run and pass for the goal – not as a team player. There was one moment he crossed and momentum took him behind the goal line, the ball was cleared but he was dawdling back and wasn’t in place to recover it; and another when Bahamboula played a one-two and he hadn’t made the run. Looks like raw material but he needs to get on others’ wavelength.
  10. When this question got posted I thought the answer was obvious... except I couldn’t actually answer it. Not so obvious at all. Hopefully this might help: https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/economics-and-finance/if-all-governments-are-borrowing-to-fight-covid-who-is-lending
  11. Ha, the irony that ShireBlue posted about Bilboe. Him and Gandalfie McCalmont should work well together.
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