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  1. ITK, or just hoping? I'm keen to see the list and hopefully how short it is.
  2. That’s what I thought too but the response on social media from their fans is overwhelmingly happy. What had he done wrong?
  3. Quite why anyone expects managers at League Two clubs to front up to their bosses and demand/reject signings is beyond me. 92 league jobs in England and these aren’t world beaters with dozens of other potential employers beating down their doors. I thought Kewell did okay. No better, no worse than any of the recent drones. Curle is no better in my mind. Thing is, we can’t really judge how good any of them really are when they are saddled with this squad and owner, nor do I really expect any of them to be calling the shots with the people paying their salaries (assuming they aren’t wo
  4. Gary Woods signs two year pre-contract deal with Aberdeen. No surprise as he was out of contract and persona non grata.
  5. My condolences for your loss.
  6. To be fair, that’s London. Her probably thinks they mean away games in Stoke Newington.
  7. As a mate pointed out, bet Petr Cech wishes he had his padded helmet today.
  8. This is so much fun. They’ve blown up their own Death Star before firing a shot. PR disaster that means another year or two before this rears its head again. The video of Chelsea fans blocking their own team bus tonight is superb.
  9. Still can’t believe Big Mo managed to engineer this just to distract attention from our poor season. Shocking what power these agents wield.
  10. It’s hilarious. The backlash from other clubs and associations will be fun to watch. A league of international PSFs with players barred from playing internationals and probably some other crippling restrictions on those clubs. I’m loving the meltdown.
  11. Saw a tweet from one of the sponsors being quoted. Admittedly haven’t verified it. The mention of legal action from a sponsor is another red flag.
  12. I’m concerned. For three sponsors to cut ties and a director to walk it must be something pretty bad. Even administration wouldn’t necessarily trigger that backlash, if it was unavoidable. So what is happening?
  13. Them, Adams and Keillor-Dunn for me. Not fussed about the rest.
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