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  1. An article to make BP explode with rage: https://theathletic.com/2730755/2021/07/28/the-athletics-football-analytics-glossary-explaining-xg-ppda-field-tilt-and-how-to-use-them/ Explains football metrics like xG, PPDA, field tilt and the like. It’s positively rolling in clipboards.
  2. Could one be Luamba? Don’t know what number he’s been rocking in PSFs.
  3. Not unless Badan’s had a surprising change of ethnicity… I was also going by squad number – Badan’s been 20 and Diarra 4 in PSFs, which are a reasonable indicator of final numbers (if not nailed down).
  4. Who are numbers 22 and 19 in the training photos published by the club today?
  5. Not sure where this best goes, but for those with a subscription The Athletic’s special report on Swindon Town makes for some eye-opening reading: https://theathletic.com/2735870/2021/07/29/special-report-the-complete-utter-shambles-of-swindon-town/?source=user_shared_article Sheridan doesn’t come out of it well either.
  6. Genius. Love this. "I liked him more before he was famous."
  7. On some of these non-league signings people are surprised about, I've read that there isn't much difference in terms of finances or facilities between top non-league sides and League 2 sides. Also, for those clubs lower down players can combine day jobs and less travel with still playing. My second team just signed a 30-year-old National League playoff winner with plenty of league experience, and they're down at level 7 (step 3) in the pyramid.
  8. The club in question has issued a statement confirming that a player has been suspended. Not that anyone here would be so unwise but still think naming them would be a bad idea.
  9. Yeah. A name is being mentioned on social media. Which is either massively libellous or, if there’s truth in it, possibly prejudicial to a fair trial.
  10. Third post on this (blame beer in the sunshine)… players don’t have objective transfer values. Their value is what someone is willing to pay, which also reflects how much the selling club needs the cash, length of contract, likelihood of value going up or down, age and potential, etc. If he was an 18-year-old regularly starting in a playoff-challenging team I’d want a million plus. But he’s 26, benched, and we are the Latics. This is a middle-aged divorcee trying to flog their sports car to pay for roof repairs… Short version: stay & play more.
  11. A talented 26-year-old bench warmer in League Two, with one year left on his contract, isn’t going to land us a big fee. Personally I think Curle should play him for the chaos he could cause in opposition teams, but I take the gold-plated Ford Focus point too. If Curle doesn’t want to play him then he may as well sell him, but he won’t get us much. I’d rather he stayed, played, and either helped the team win more or earned us a bigger fee.
  12. Agree with you on most things Singe but this is debatable! Who would pay a transfer fee for a thirtysomething centre back on big wages in a struggling League Two team? I doubt anyone was offering a fee for him.
  13. Yes, I would rather each post stands on its own merits, like @GlossopLatic says. Voted no.
  14. Think Gaskell had a six week extension which has expired by now. I’d assume he’s gone. Also suspect it’s Benny Couto and the club misspelled his name in the article.
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